Fukushima and Modern Technology

When the disaster at Fukushima occurred, I called in a comment to the National Public Radio, that mankind is like the guy in the Farside cartoon, walking into the Midvale School for the Gifted, pushing on a door that has a sign that says “Pull.” The physicists and their bosses who thought it would be OK / profitable to build a nuclear power plant near a fault line apparently also thought they could keep the electricity on for 10,000 years- as is apparently necessary to prevent a meltdown. “Never fear if the power goes out and there is damage from an earthquake, for we have backup generators.” These, of course, were disabled by the flood that follows upon some earthquakes. Mankind may simply be too stupid to wield the powers given us by technology.

We too, in the U. S., have done things that are that stupid, and have nuclear power plants on and near the San Andreas Fault, in California. One wonders if we have sense and moderation enough to avoid fracturing the earth in search of oil, at least in these areas, and that of the Yellowstone supervolcanoe.

One wonders how much of our banking system depends upon keeping the electricity on. I believe that some e-property would disappear if there were sunspots or other electrical problems.

Manual backup is the key. I wish I had a hand water pump on the old wishing well by my shed, and may hook one up if this is possible.

That we cannot grow gardens from seeds anymore, due to hybrid plants, is disturbing. It is also disturbing that all the city compost is tainted from weedkillers on our lawns. The obvious problem with the GMO/Roundup system is less a genetic or chemistry problem than an ecosystem problem. But we wish the colleges and hospitals that ban smoking cigarettes on their campuses would consider involuntarily exposing their guests to these hormonal poisons and carcinogens. That the bees and monarch butterflies have disappeared is a sorrow beyond our ability to feel sorrow. But that hardly anyone notices, reports on or reacts to the disappearance of the bees and Monarch butterflies is unconscionable, and an ill omen. Already worse creatures, such as the bald face hornet, have taken the place of the harmless honeybee in our subdivisions. The subdivisions are all named after the nature that was destroyed to build them- thing like “Deer Creek” and “Pheasant Run.”

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