Internet Integrity: Does Google Practice Extortion?

When I search on the internet for my website, the first thing that comes up is the suggestion from WordPress that I “upgrade.” This is not what I was searching for. Similarly, if one searches for example for my book on King Lear, even by name and title, references to Russ McDonald come up far more frequently, and any mentions in review publications are very far down the list. The Revelation book will not come up at all. I also find that what I see, from the home computer I use most, is tailored to me, and that it is not the same as what appears on the web, when by word of mouth people do find my website. It is tailored not only for my benefit, as may first appear, but especially for the financial gain of the tailor. It is not to their advantage that I see the adds they put on my website, so I do not see them. This is said to be because one is supposed to pay, as WordPress and Russ McDonald have apparently done, so that one’s website will actually be on the internet. Websites are sold with the illusion that one is on the internet. Then it turns out that, as is the case with hit songs or access to Christian e-bookstores (1000$), access is by payola. Mine is free, and so, surprise, even if all our efforts were undertaken assuming that people would be able to find our pages by keyword and cross reference searches, and dependence on this illusion results in the failure of our projects. There is sure to be nothing that can be done about it. The poor have no access to the courts, so until someone rich enough to afford a lawyer also has testosterone enough to oppose this stuff, it will continue.

An addition to my ideas for inventions, then, is a website called “Fine Print,” which reads those user agreements for us, summarizes them, alerts us to possible concerns, and rates the user agreements in terms of honesty. This is a good idea, though it depends on finding lawyer types capable of reading those agreements. Perhaps they could work half days at a time to avoid adverse health effects.

We, the people, must insist on true searches of internet material. This means that Google and others like them must get converted quickly, or be superseded. All the people need do is insist, and these companies, following their bottom line so closely, will quickly jump on board.

Consider this: Say I am not a crackpot but a visionary, and my water distiller would save lives and ease suffering. Now what if Google, practicing their extortion and the perversion of the web, prevents these benefits from occurring. Will we sacrifice these benefits for our narrow concern with moneymaking and our success and marketing view of life?

Extortion is practiced when organized crime takes over the marketplace. Where the law cannot reach, the pursuit of narrow self interest and the acquiescence of the people make the extortion system a foregone conclusion. Better study the Mafia and Russian government for your business model. People think these things are to their advantage, but the gains from all this backscratching turn out to be short lived, as when the bigger fish show up at one’s door. They too will say these things are just the price of doing business. How do you expect to pay for the internet if you do not allow advertising? And ignore the difference between orderly advertising and involuntary shopping, convenient coupon information and the tracking of your location and the sale of this information to foreign groups and governments. When someone appropriates my liberty, as in deciding when it is time for me to go shopping, I am offended, and will simply not do business with them again.

And like any big city in the gangster era, we the people have the power to put an end to these atrocities, if only we stand up, first a few at a time, then finally all at once. We can elect officials who will not allow what is becoming not only a drag on the GNP but also a serious threat to national security. We can also insist that those we have elected stand up to those twenty lobbyists hired by these now swollen financial interests to oppose every single quiet voice of reason. Our representatives can be stolen back from the special interests if only we insist. They may have campaign funds for those attack adds and laminated junk mailings, but we have minds, and votes.

Now is the time that these questions will be decided, and for some time to come. Will we follow the ways of the free market and limitations of market interests by the natural rights, such as liberty? Or will we follow the model according to which everything is for sale, and posterior-kissing is just the way of doing business? Remember the famous scene in the movie finding Nemo, when all the fish were stuck in the fishing boat’s net, and Nemo thought to say “Everyone swim down!” They overturned the boat.

These swollen companies should recognize immediately how their very opportunity to do business depends upon political liberty. A lot more money will be made in the medium and long run, with the added advantage that one might be more happy with oneself and their work in the world, and stand in the memory of Jefferson proud.

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