About About Blank

About Blank is Google. Just erase the words “About Blank,” and you will be able to search, on the same page, on Google, without wondering if the page behind the page is collecting your searches, or doing something else you have not thought of yet. Do this a few times, and it goes away entirely!

While attempting to remove the Doctor PC or PC Doctor things that arrived among my programs when I attempted to download Duck Duck Go, the whole computer froze. It will not allow it to “uninstall” the PC Doctor, but insists that I hit uninstall on its pop up, and is also willing to check 100 files for me, for free! And if you think that is nice, when I called the number on the pop-up, a voice from India or Pakistan was there to offer to uninstall the program, if I would just allow him to take over my computer! I told him I would inform the FBI, and have done so.

WordPress has also asked me how much I am willing to spend to fix the problem that there is no keyword or cross reference traffic on my website, literally offering a sliding scale that began suggesting 230$, and could be moved up to 1000$. Hence my previous blog.

It was the day after the “Is Google Practicing Extortion” blog that NPR aired the story of genuine, illegal extortion by the encoding of one’s files to be given back for a fee. A Police department was even seized electronically, and the FBI had to tell them to consider paying up.

Integrity in small things is important.

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