Fukushima and Modern Technology


When the disaster at Fukushima occurred, I called in a comment to the National Public Radio, that mankind is like the guy in the Farside cartoon, walking into the Midvale School for the Gifted, pushing on a door that has a sign that says “Pull.” The physicists and their bosses who thought it would be OK / profitable to build a nuclear power plant near a fault line apparently also thought they could keep the electricity on for 10,000 years- as is apparently necessary to prevent a meltdown. “Never fear if the power goes out and there is damage from an earthquake, for we have backup generators.” These, of course, were disabled by the flood that follows upon some earthquakes. Mankind may simply be too stupid to wield the powers given us by technology.

We too, in the U. S., have done things that are that stupid, and have nuclear…

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