Jack Van Impe and Internet Integrity

   For years, we have loved the Jack Van Impe show with his wife Rexella, especially for the five to eight minute section where he collects and addresses world politics as a whole, and relates many important news items that we would not otherwise have heard.

   I recall once when visiting his website at a college library computer room, being barraged by all this skin, the scantily clad girls of American advertising. This is odd, of course, because Dr. Jack is a preacher, if not a holy man, one of the few people left alive who can begin to think of why all this public skin may not be such a great idea. I suppose the advertisers are aiming for the repressed sexuality of the Christian visitors to all websites, Jack equally, and this only appears anomalous because of his chastity.

   I always joke to young children who happen to be assaulted by the images: “Those poor girls, they cannot even afford warm clothes, and look, their underwear is even threadbare.”

   Once a clip from Jack’s show appeared in a skit on Saturday Night Live, which shows how he is distinctly honored among the television preachers. They showed him explaining that the gematria of numbers for the word “computer” adds up to 666. Then they showed another clip, of him advertising his website by its internet numbers. This is of course very funny, but the serious thing is that Jack is one of the few serious preachers on either television or the internet. He asks for money once, quickly, and modestly, and then gets back to work teaching. It is very difficult for the Christian things, and his show is now less accessible. Anything regarding thinking and learning seems to have difficulty in our media. We hope to make this virtual world a bit less vacuous.

   We have a nice note in our book on the Revelation that attempts a six point summary of the teaching of Jack Van Impe, together with a critical note: we think he confuses the firmament, in which the starts are set, with the invisible heaven, where the waters above would be, if it were a “where.” But the book is available for free through the dashboard above, at mmcdonald77.wordpress.com, and this, strangely, is a place or a “where,” perhaps more so than is the “place” of the spirits or spiritual things. We think that place or where is more fundamental than it is, or that place, in space, pertains also to heaven. So, our imagination assumes place in space for the beings, while the truth may be that beings can be without a place in space. Or something like that. Hence, in our terms, space can be transcended, because place and space are not as fundamental as these usually appear to us to be. It would then be our imagination that is transcended. The spirits or souls then transcend space and time because these are not fundamental to all the beings, but only the bodies.

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