Snow Water and Home Grown Tobacco

Today I was very proud to produce three bottles of snow water, way better than our well water for drinking. I melted it in the shed on my Kerosene heater, in a pot and a big stainless mixing bowl. I wonder if the folks in Flint Michigan are thinking of this, since they do not have clean drinking water.

Home grown tobacco is also way better than the tobacco grown with fertilizers. No tests have ever been done, to my knowledge, with natural, pesticide and fertilizer free tobacco. 713 other chemicals, and we do not even consider that the most carcinogenic thing about tobacco might be the impurities.

We can grow tobacco in Michigan, but need to cover it for the frosts. The small leaves by the top are the best tobacco I have ever smoked. It comes in handy this time of the winter, when unemployment has run us out of money.

The city of Ann Arbor has banned smoking e-cigarettes in the public park. Tocqueville called colonial laws against tobacco “ridiculous and tyrannical.” This is as true today as it was then. But Ann Arbor has always been a bit slavish to every PC and fashionable common opinion, and does not mind subjecting everyone to this. When no one else’s rights are being violated, American government has no business. Meanwhile, the chemlawn guy will be spraying the lawn at the Ann Arbor U of M hospital, where they have prescribed and promoted every sort of psycho-dope and addictive pain medication for the last fifteen years, according to the genius of modern medicine when working toward the goals set by fashionable opinion, and the financial incentives of the drug companies. To their credit, U of M was one of the first to ban the drug companies from marketing in the medical school, but they are still paying off the doctors, if I am not mistaken.

Once an eight year old asked me why I smoke. “Do you want to die?” he said. That’s a very good question. How does one explain to an eight year old that they are a nervous wreck, or even that there are things more important than the valetudinarian American continuous concern with the body and bodily health?

One reason I am a nervous wreck is that I spent a half hour or more rolling my own stupid cigarettes for the past six years, and now I want that time back, and my nation needs the value of that time. Add to this the tax on the tobacco itself, and my government has taxed me on one item at a higher percentage of my income than is ever paid by the rich. Automatic rollers in the party stores were made illegal in our state. See why we love the power of fashionable opinion on the majority in an age when no one even understands that the constitutional principles are supposed to limit majority opinion so that it can govern at all in the public matters where it is to consent and govern?

Our public morality has been caricatured as saying: “Homosexuality, Adultery, Abortion, promiscuity in the age of AIDS are fine, just don’t smoke!” Bodily health is the only good that is publicly admissible and common to all, and even this is to be ignored when it is contradicted by other fashionable opinions that we hold higher.

Now we must curtsy, and explain that we are not “homophobic.” We do not understand the causes of these things. What if the Jews are right about this, and at the same time, our hormonal poisons in the environment have caused it? We uphold love over lust in every case, as Plato and Socrates did in ancient Greece. Our adherence to the principles of the Declaration makes us more liberal than the liberals, regarding the things that are not our business nor the public business.

But it was a bit strange when, for a short while there, any once forbidden sex act was just fine, while growing ones own weed and smoking it was a potential felony.

“Just don’t smoke!!

Meanwhile, I am very proud and content with my snow water, glistening in the ice mountain bottle.

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