On Education: Roaches have Individual Personalities

Today it was reported, probably on WWJ, that a new scientific study has revealed that cockroaches have individual personalities. There could of course be quite a collection of the bizarre studies that are somehow funded, through grant writers who can somehow keep a straight face. How much money has funded the studies that determine for us whether coffee is bad, and then again that it is good, then bad again? Books could be written chronicling the stupid studies that again, somehow get funded, while even art is funded more frequently than any serious reading and commentary on a work of a great mind. But it is by associating with these greatest thinkers that we ourselves gain substance, and that, not this stupid stuff, is education.

Representative Lucido of Macomb sponsored a bill to require of our High School graduates the same knowledge of civics that is required of recent immigrants applying for citizenship. Does he, or anyone else realize that government is taught in eighth grade and then not again all through our high schools? I will double check, but I believe this is true.

We are funding technology and things that make money, but the liberal arts, including the study of government, are not funded. The liberal arts are out of fashion, and there is no study one might have pursued that is less profitable than the study we most need to correct our education.

Meanwhile, a recent study did determine that certain plants such as lemon trees have figured out over millions of years how to include a little caffeine, as a treat to please the bees and get them working harder. Ah, the marvels of modern science.

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