Richard Bauckham II

While satirizing the Anti-futurist reading of the Revelation, I neglected to address Mr. Bauckham. He is a wonder as a scholar, reader and writer. The Baptist review by Mr. Luter showed me to Mr. Bauckham’s other book, more on the literary and historical study of the Revelation than on the Theology, called The Climax of Prophesy. Just reading the Introduction, one can tell this is going to be some fun, catching up with the reading of this anti-futurist. I had things from his part in the Oxford Bible commentary especially in the section of my book on chapter one. He is showing me now, something about the seven angels and the relation of the throne scene to the unfolding judgments.

Mr. Bauckham is also alot of fun, having a story on his website about his bus ride home, encountering knickers and an Indian Holy man, for whom he offered to pray for free.

We do not have holy men in the Biblical tradition. This is something like the way that it is sometimes said that in the Greek, there is no Holy God (said by Strauss contrasting Socrates and Isaiah). But if we did, well, she showed him her knickers!

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