Frozen Fog and Frost Prisms

Frost is dew that freezes in the air and then falls. Unlike snow, we do not see it falling. Frost happens when the temperature is above freezing, because it freezes above the ground and then falls. Snow happens when water crystallizes out of the air, and snowflakes were never water drops, unlike sleet or hail. Air at different temperatures can hold different amounts of water, so that when warm air cools, it often rains, as less water can be held in the air in solution.

Clouds must be frozen fog, even on summer days, because they look the same in the winter as in the summer. clouds that are not frozen must be the dark clouds. But we have seen white fog. So why do the clouds look the same whether they are frozen or not?

Yesterday, I took a magnifying glass to look at the sun coming through the frost on the window in prisms of light. I want to get a picture of this, and of the sun coming through the frost on the head of a thistle, and all the sparkles in the field.

Now I want to make a magnifying glass out of water to melt the ice. I have a black Hibachi lid to melt water for the birds and squirrels, so I tried to make a parabola shaped piece of ice. The water was too cloudy, so I’ll try again with snow water. Snow water is pure, unless it picks up stuff from the air on the way down. Drifts out in the open are the most free of pollen and seeds.

More Marvels of Water: Rainbow Spots

At one time in my life, I had never noticed rainbow spots in the clouds. Then I saw them from an airplane up above, and began to notice them more from the ground. These are like places where the rainbow painter has left touches of the colors, without the rest of the rainbow. They seem to happen especially when the weather is icy. Two days ago, from Dexter, we saw the evening sun in the west with sharp rainbow spots on both sides. From my shed last week, I saw the most amazing cloud with red, two clouds, a small one in front of a slightly large one, with red on the tops and blue and turquoise on the bottoms of both clouds. This goes on my list of new things I discover each year, a list I started when I saw that the shadows in a field are purple, as much or more than brown.

Drinking my snow water, I began to wonder about frozen clouds and what is happening when we collect water that falls out of the air because it froze into crystals. Why do the clouds not fall when they freeze, if clouds are like fog? How can they stay afloat when the temperature is below 32? The rainbow spots do seem to have something to do with ice crystals.

I am trying to devise a rain/snow collector that won’t blow away in the wind. I’ll try glass low to the ground, small enough to be manageable without breaking the thing. I need a cone shaped thing, so the water will go into a 5 gallon absopure jar. With glass, one might build a small fire on the downwind end of it, to melt a bunch of snow without bringing it inside. I’v been melting enough for drinking, but not for coffee too. Today I’ll put two pots of snow in the basement to see how long it takes it to melt.

On my window, I was watching the water turn to ice crystals through a slush stage, an intermediary stage clearly visible on the window between the frost and the dew. We think the mystery of life is related to the way frost takes the patterns that plants also take. The repetition of the gene and chromosome thing might arise through the repetition in the water crystal.

On Education: Roaches have Individual Personalities

Today it was reported, probably on WWJ, that a new scientific study has revealed that cockroaches have individual personalities. There could of course be quite a collection of the bizarre studies that are somehow funded, through grant writers who can somehow keep a straight face. How much money has funded the studies that determine for us whether coffee is bad, and then again that it is good, then bad again? Books could be written chronicling the stupid studies that again, somehow get funded, while even art is funded more frequently than any serious reading and commentary on a work of a great mind. But it is by associating with these greatest thinkers that we ourselves gain substance, and that, not this stupid stuff, is education.

Representative Lucido of Macomb sponsored a bill to require of our High School graduates the same knowledge of civics that is required of recent immigrants applying for citizenship. Does he, or anyone else realize that government is taught in eighth grade and then not again all through our high schools? I will double check, but I believe this is true.

We are funding technology and things that make money, but the liberal arts, including the study of government, are not funded. The liberal arts are out of fashion, and there is no study one might have pursued that is less profitable than the study we most need to correct our education.

Meanwhile, a recent study did determine that certain plants such as lemon trees have figured out over millions of years how to include a little caffeine, as a treat to please the bees and get them working harder. Ah, the marvels of modern science.

Home Grown Tobacco II

Growing your own tobacco is full of difficulties from beginning to end, but we have done this now four or five years in a row. We do Indian farming, without a plow, leaving lawn between the rows (which is nice for mud). Hence we never grow enough. 32 plants gets us through the poorest part of the winter. 80 or 90 plants would be plenty to get off the fertilizer-pesticide system entirely. The plants cannot be grown in the same ground after three years, and poison tomatoes and potatoes and nightshade type things. The seeds are very small, and impossible to plant individually, so the seedlings must be carefully separated. This is fun for a half-blind guy like me! They are set in the ground only when they get some size, not too early or they won’t make it. Then, as was said, they must be covered for frost, cut, the leaves washed in a very mild soap for all the pollen and bugs that stick to them, then rinsed, and hung to dry. Hanging is stringing them like fish, with a pocket knife to cut the stem and run some nice inert rope through. Then they hang for three weeks to dry slowly without touching each other- otherwise they’ll mold. Then they are stored at least 4 months to age, at best at about 70% humidity. To shred the leaves, after removing the stem, I use a coffee grinder, and have used a blender on a low setting, grinding it just a little, to avoid turning it to powder. All this comes to about the same or cheaper than the taxed products in the store, plus the added benefits that for example American Spirit is not even allowed to advertise, of getting off the 713 chemicals and the fertilizers, which they may still use. There are probably lots of websites on the internet that have these things on them.

I thought of growing tobacco myself, from the example of my ancestors having grown it in Kingsville, Ontario. Otherwise, I’d have thought it impossible. My sister found the seeds and worked on the farmer knowledge, and grew a few good crops of it.

Snow Water and Home Grown Tobacco

Today I was very proud to produce three bottles of snow water, way better than our well water for drinking. I melted it in the shed on my Kerosene heater, in a pot and a big stainless mixing bowl. I wonder if the folks in Flint Michigan are thinking of this, since they do not have clean drinking water.

Home grown tobacco is also way better than the tobacco grown with fertilizers. No tests have ever been done, to my knowledge, with natural, pesticide and fertilizer free tobacco. 713 other chemicals, and we do not even consider that the most carcinogenic thing about tobacco might be the impurities.

We can grow tobacco in Michigan, but need to cover it for the frosts. The small leaves by the top are the best tobacco I have ever smoked. It comes in handy this time of the winter, when unemployment has run us out of money.

The city of Ann Arbor has banned smoking e-cigarettes in the public park. Tocqueville called colonial laws against tobacco “ridiculous and tyrannical.” This is as true today as it was then. But Ann Arbor has always been a bit slavish to every PC and fashionable common opinion, and does not mind subjecting everyone to this. When no one else’s rights are being violated, American government has no business. Meanwhile, the chemlawn guy will be spraying the lawn at the Ann Arbor U of M hospital, where they have prescribed and promoted every sort of psycho-dope and addictive pain medication for the last fifteen years, according to the genius of modern medicine when working toward the goals set by fashionable opinion, and the financial incentives of the drug companies. To their credit, U of M was one of the first to ban the drug companies from marketing in the medical school, but they are still paying off the doctors, if I am not mistaken.

Once an eight year old asked me why I smoke. “Do you want to die?” he said. That’s a very good question. How does one explain to an eight year old that they are a nervous wreck, or even that there are things more important than the valetudinarian American continuous concern with the body and bodily health?

One reason I am a nervous wreck is that I spent a half hour or more rolling my own stupid cigarettes for the past six years, and now I want that time back, and my nation needs the value of that time. Add to this the tax on the tobacco itself, and my government has taxed me on one item at a higher percentage of my income than is ever paid by the rich. Automatic rollers in the party stores were made illegal in our state. See why we love the power of fashionable opinion on the majority in an age when no one even understands that the constitutional principles are supposed to limit majority opinion so that it can govern at all in the public matters where it is to consent and govern?

Our public morality has been caricatured as saying: “Homosexuality, Adultery, Abortion, promiscuity in the age of AIDS are fine, just don’t smoke!” Bodily health is the only good that is publicly admissible and common to all, and even this is to be ignored when it is contradicted by other fashionable opinions that we hold higher.

Now we must curtsy, and explain that we are not “homophobic.” We do not understand the causes of these things. What if the Jews are right about this, and at the same time, our hormonal poisons in the environment have caused it? We uphold love over lust in every case, as Plato and Socrates did in ancient Greece. Our adherence to the principles of the Declaration makes us more liberal than the liberals, regarding the things that are not our business nor the public business.

But it was a bit strange when, for a short while there, any once forbidden sex act was just fine, while growing ones own weed and smoking it was a potential felony.

“Just don’t smoke!!

Meanwhile, I am very proud and content with my snow water, glistening in the ice mountain bottle.

Jack Van Impe and Internet Integrity

   For years, we have loved the Jack Van Impe show with his wife Rexella, especially for the five to eight minute section where he collects and addresses world politics as a whole, and relates many important news items that we would not otherwise have heard.

   I recall once when visiting his website at a college library computer room, being barraged by all this skin, the scantily clad girls of American advertising. This is odd, of course, because Dr. Jack is a preacher, if not a holy man, one of the few people left alive who can begin to think of why all this public skin may not be such a great idea. I suppose the advertisers are aiming for the repressed sexuality of the Christian visitors to all websites, Jack equally, and this only appears anomalous because of his chastity.

   I always joke to young children who happen to be assaulted by the images: “Those poor girls, they cannot even afford warm clothes, and look, their underwear is even threadbare.”

   Once a clip from Jack’s show appeared in a skit on Saturday Night Live, which shows how he is distinctly honored among the television preachers. They showed him explaining that the gematria of numbers for the word “computer” adds up to 666. Then they showed another clip, of him advertising his website by its internet numbers. This is of course very funny, but the serious thing is that Jack is one of the few serious preachers on either television or the internet. He asks for money once, quickly, and modestly, and then gets back to work teaching. It is very difficult for the Christian things, and his show is now less accessible. Anything regarding thinking and learning seems to have difficulty in our media. We hope to make this virtual world a bit less vacuous.

   We have a nice note in our book on the Revelation that attempts a six point summary of the teaching of Jack Van Impe, together with a critical note: we think he confuses the firmament, in which the starts are set, with the invisible heaven, where the waters above would be, if it were a “where.” But the book is available for free through the dashboard above, at, and this, strangely, is a place or a “where,” perhaps more so than is the “place” of the spirits or spiritual things. We think that place or where is more fundamental than it is, or that place, in space, pertains also to heaven. So, our imagination assumes place in space for the beings, while the truth may be that beings can be without a place in space. Or something like that. Hence, in our terms, space can be transcended, because place and space are not as fundamental as these usually appear to us to be. It would then be our imagination that is transcended. The spirits or souls then transcend space and time because these are not fundamental to all the beings, but only the bodies.