Snow Water Again

Hey Appalachia! Hey Flint Michigan! Today I am making snow water outside. I have a pile of bricks with two inverted black hibachi lids warming snow that is in pots, then pouring this into a 5 gallon old Absopure bottle. Our snow is a bit old, not pure as the driven, like that foot that just fell in Kentucky, so I’m going to take a coffee filter and the basket to get out bits of plants. I did find one tiny spider, one of the nice kind, melting out of a potful last week, but I rescued him in a tiny snowball and set him in the wandering Jew.

Snow is pure water, unless it picks up stuff or smog after it crystallizes. This is because only water precipitates out of the air at a certain dewpoint, though other things might precipitate out at different points. Collect it from open places, without trees overhead, and drink up! A gift from above this Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Snow Water Again

    • The people of Flint are eatin’ Lead. We’re working on rainwater collecting, to take pressure off the bottled water. Rain and snow are fresh water delivered to everyone’s house, we have only to collect it. We’ve been trying to get em to look up. Its quite fun. but doesn’t pay well. Send Andrew Toy a short story-your writing is very enjoyable.- MM

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