New Book on Music: Rock Commentaries, Chapter One

Please visit to view Chapter one of my new book on music. The folks at NPR should like it! My other e-book is still available through the buy now button on the Revelation page. I have posted the Preface and contents today as well. This blog, though, bumps the one on property seizures into the archives. My representative, Tim Walberg, has impressed me with his work on IRS seizures. I bet he is a stronger candidate than most. Mr. Romney is said to have beat up a hippie back at Cranbrook in his school days, and we should ask him if he’s still proud of it. Do we trust him with the now unlimited powers of the executive? Maybe I wish Obama could run for another term. We call ourselves “Obama Republicans,” or perhaps just Independents. Visit the secret politics blog at Sorry to digress, here, but some things, like politics, are more important than one’s own new book.

OOh, now I found the David Halberstam and the Bob Dearborn interpretations of American Pie on the internet. Who says there is not much good stuff on there? I will be re-writing a bit: Halberstam includes that crucial clue from the Hop Along Cassidy song on the Album sleeve: Bye bye, Miss American Pie then means that these girls, and these things of America at its peak, are no more. The line, then, is a bit like “School’s out,” too, meaning that the innocence is over. I did not even know about the Bob Dearborn, though much of this has become a part of our culture. It is amazing the things I could have access to, if only I could make a living. I do not even own my own machine!

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