Prisons and Injustice

Thanks to NPR for their beginning to focus on injustice in the prison system. This has to be the next topic of injustice to be corrected in our society. While we pat ourselves on the back for how p. c. we are on all the liberal platforms of race and gender, we have sat idly for these now fifty-five years since Dr. King while homosexual rape and beatings have been tolerated in hell holes called correction facilities, and wardens daily allow and promote injustice perpetrated on the unjust and unlucky alike who are thrown into our prisons. Assault, rape and murder are the crimes they are regardless of who they are perpetrated against. Torture is wrong whether the one it is done to has tortured or not, though it of course true that we mind it a lot less, when one who has done harm himself gets a chance to see what his victims might have felt. But things like the torture of “solitary confinement” are routine in our prisons, along with all the other violations of the Ten Commandments that are also political laws: Thou shall not kill. Thou shall not steal.

It is not by inflicting injustice that genuine criminals might be reformed, but by seeing justice. When the criminals see that “every cop is a criminal,” they learn that they were right all along to think that it was all about the bigger fish eats the smaller. They learn that justice is a joke compared to self interest, and self interest can be understood in animal terms. They learn that the law is, like everything else, an instrument to be used as a means to feathering ones own bed.

Terry Gross had a man on the radio yesterday- Daniel Genis, the author of 1046, the number of books he read in prison. He served ten years in our Gulag, the splinter in our own eye that prevents us from seeing and helping to remove the log in our Russian brother’s eye. Our own injustice is right at hand, something we can do something about, whereas the injustice of others requires education, example and persuasion. My thanks again, and my hope that this become a topic of the new p. c., the one that considers issues of liberty on a par with issues of equality, rather than destroying liberty to institute the tyranny of popular opinion regarding equality.

Prison is indeed a punishment, and being thrown into the penal colony with others who have and will harm their fellow man is punishment enough. Society secures for us our liberty, and this is all we have a right to take away. That prison is not going to be a picnic will be unavoidable. We need do nothing in addition to assure it be regretted. But we do need to assure that those drawing these salaries at taxpayer expense are given only the power to do justice, and that the criminals among them be, well, thrown in prison.

Our prisons have become a strange world of the cultivation of racial gangs, which operate with impunity due to the cooperation of the criminal police, who are for all practical purposes unaccountable, uninvestigated, and very well paid. The only blessing is that faction prevents these interest from uniting. If the electricity were to go out, and we lose the ability to keep these drones in the hive, our sissy politicians would find themselves their slaves overnight.

I myself would have gone long ago to teach liberal arts in prisons, and for about twenty thousand dollars a year, if necessary, except that the system would want access to the inside of my body, if not also my mind and soul whenever possible.

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