Inventions for Nepal Earthquake Relief

On the Inventions page at, there are two that might be helpful in the present circumstance, where drinking water and shelter are scarce. There is a water distiller that fits a pot, and pots must now be brought in anyway. There is plenty of scrap wood for fuel. Second, we have suggested that for housing, “People Pods” might be manufactured on sight, out of interlocking panels, perhaps even through something like a 3D printer, to provide the most basic temporary shelter. I envision triangles, and want the roofs to collect rain water. We tried to have the water distiller ready, but have not yet convinced investors! People pods could be done by one of those new internet billionaires that want to do something with their lives. Dean Kamen’s water machine is recommended where there is electricity, and where there is not, a stem engine fueled by broken wood might generate electricity. Another fellow has a stove top water distiller that is expensive, but works, and is already produced, as indicated on an old inventions blog. Lets go! And be thankful for building codes.

Presently, I am working on the simple ways to collect rainwater. I have a clean tarp stretched on a frame, fastened well with wire from store-bought broccoli, a clean rock in the tarp for wind, and my 5 gallon Absopure bottle positioned under it, on bricks. I have added a coffee filter, and need a wider bucket to collect in the wind, when my rock doesn’t hold the point over the bottle opening. Collecting rain water is surprisingly difficult. I heard Home depot sells a collector-hose attachment. Good invention!

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