Obama Republicans

Recently, the President has been criticized regarding Iraq, for being too reticent to intervene in certain ways. So it seems to us a good time to express the Centrist Libertarian view of the Obama Republicans.

Myself and my father are two, people with basically Republican views who just love Barak Obama. He has all the wrong policies, we say, and yet we find ourselves defending him in speech. The reason, to try to state it, is that his constitutionalism has saved many lives, and this is the first job of the president. A related reason, also regarding our last blog, is that he has tried to say “We do not torture,” and said “it seems we tortured some folks.” But let me first explain how we say he has saved lives.

Remember the flap about the Mosque near the site of 9/11, or that minister fellow who was about to burn some books? He called the fellow up on the phone, and asked him not to do it, and the minister fellow obeyed his president. Many lives were saved. And the mosque thing, no one even remembers what happened. They probably did it the American way, and bought the mosque people out, if they do not want a mosque there that badly. For the truth is of course that in American, one can be Islamic if one wishes. This is the very liberty the terrorists struck against, and here it is. And we can also be Christian if we wish, and we know deep down that our very liberty to be Christian depends on our liberty to be Islamic if we wish, and to uphold the rights of all U. S. citizens.

Our reticent policy in Iraq was set before Obama took office, as we were trying to get out, and leave things as much as possible to the Iraqis themselves to decide and govern. Unfortunately, Isis, or then Al Qaeda, saw that they could inflame the differences of Sunni and Shiite to spark civil war, and indeed, no one, America or the president, was able to respond sufficiently. With the Russians advancing across the Ukraine, and American involvement provoking hatred, we have tried to help the sovereignties of the Middle East to deal with their own military problems, though where Al Qaeda is involved, these are our problems, whether America recognizes it or not.

On Health care we say that something clearly had to be done, though the result is indeed unconstitutional. We cannot force anyone to buy anything in America, though this is done with car insurance and other scams (I currently pay way over one dollar per mile for insurance to drive, an anomaly due to extreme poverty). So Obama and the Democrats did something, and now we have some basic health care, though the constitutional problem has been postponed, and is next to be addressed. People like me may now live long enough to benefit our nation by screaming about insurance fraud and prescription drug abuse, property seizures and campaign finance, gerrymandering and all the other blatantly obvious vices that will destroy our nation if we do not get up and do something. We are already impoverished through the recession caused by the failure of integrity in the housing industry, while the rich tell us our poverty is our own fault, to justify that Republican cold heart. Why not take our cars when they break down, and then wonder, “where is that middle class?” Let congress take payments to corrupt the internet, then wonder why four people have a trillion dollars while everyone else is their slave!

And on immigration, Barak is reluctant to deport people, and doing all he can, though nations must have borders. My Representative thinks executive action here is unconstitutional, and that may be. But we cannot send children, for example, back to Guatemala. My policy is that we must help out to restore the rule of law in these nations, rather than use them as pawns in our foreign policy, so that these people have a nation to return to. Our drug habit in America has helped to turn these governments into tyrannies on our border, and the least of our problems caused by tyrannic neighbors will be the refugees.

There are other examples too where the constitutionalism of Obama has saved  lives. He spoke for about fifteen minutes after the Baltimore riots, reminding the looters that the police have a responsibility to protect the rights of the store owners to their property, and reminding us of peaceful protest. These are issues above the flaps that occupy congress in partisan gridlock, but they are the more important things.

That, basically, is the reasoning of the Obama Republicans, the Independent centrist libertarians who come to guide the thought of America now, whether the two parties take up our constitutionalism or not. Now we hope Barak will restore the Fourth and Fifth Amendments by supporting oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse against the looming tyranny of the executive agencies.

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