WordPress Controls Speech by Holding “Likes” “In House,” and Controls Access to the Internet

Following the new executive agencies, private businesses too can disregard the constitution, in effect setting up their own countries within their domains, where there is no Bill of Rights. What began with drug testing and telemarketing has blossomed into setting up webpages where it appears that one can start a business, only to find that they are captured and prostituted without regard to their little businesses. After being told I was wrong for some six months, it turns out that no one can “like” my pages or posts without signing up for WordPress. Wordpress staff have said this is “impossible,” because likes at word press are “in house.” In house is of course a euphemism, or a nice way of saying that they are selling access to likes, and there is nothing we can do about it, because they do not have to observe the First Amendment unless they find it profitable. When complaining about the lack of access to my writings on the internet through search engines, I was asked how much I was willing to spend to fix the problem, and presented a sliding scale. I have many words, you see, and it is mathematically impossible that these come up so rarely in searches. Most of my traffic is word of mouth, though the engines must still be used to access the website. When one types in mmcdonald77, I get “unknown search terms,” where otherwise, the terms entered show up. Google controls searches, is practicing monopoly tactics to exclude competition, and this is being allowed, we suspect, because Google is apparently indeed a “search engine,” in the sense of FBI search, and would have been limited by the Fourth Amendment back when we had a Bill of Rights. Google is being used by our government to collect information, in exchange for winking at monopoly tactics, or at least that is how this appears, and we welcome Google to deny this and set us straight with the truth, but they will not. In the WordPress Forum, under “Likes and comments are being inhibited,” there is a discussion I had with staff, which anyone can see. Someone else seems to be controlling comments, though they admit to controlling “likes, ” and have in the past admitted controlling access. Where comments follow likes, these too are inhibited, when visitors decide they did not want to comment badly enough to share their information with Google. The writing and editing function does not work well on Yahoo, so one is chanelled in yet another way to the compulsory Google. WordPress, though, is shaking down my visitors for information they can use, and could not care less whether I “upgrade.” All this Congress does not care about, the FBI is too busy with our information to look in to, and we have no access to lawyers or the courts, so these things will continue. Europe charged Google some 8 Billion dollars for antitrust violations, though the story was hushed up in America. While we still have the appearance of courts, they might lose a First Amendment case, if someone, or a class action, were capable of getting the case before a Judge. But what is most likely is that we will simply have to go on, sick from too many cookies, and from having been taken in our hopes to pay back loans by selling books. I spent seven years writing two books on topics that would sell. Have fun paying back my loans! The national debt is over 16 trillion dollars.

In the name of national pride and security, lets put a stop to these things, before WordPress finds their business environment looking like Syria or Moscow. Our executive agencies, both foreign and domestic, cannot answer as to what the difference is between policing or CIA/FBI-ing in a free country and a tyranny, and will soon be unburdened of that annoying distinction.

We are supporting Rand Paul and Ben Carson.

The U. S. dollar is based on trust, and will collapse from a lack of trust if these things continue. But business does not discriminate against rubles!

And I am still waiting for the one called “Timetheif” to set me straight. She apparently has no response unless she takes me down an alley to which I “subscribe,” and then I can see what wordstaff press are saying to control damage. Forget about it! No one cares. Besides, we control access! With no free speech, he’s just talking to himself. He won’t get six views of a blog on that, because Americans do not read or think, and are slaves to money in the short term, and do not care about tyranny in the future.

Next time you present the sliding scale in exchange for access, consider to whom you are presenting it. A droid cannot make these fine distinctions.

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