Facial Recognition Technology and Facebook

It is time the people get a hold of this internet. We just heard the public Radio Show “On Point,” on the question of the new technology. The occasion is that privacy advocates walked out of talks last week on the question of whether companies ought be allowed to use facial recognition to track us without our consent. As usual, my position is that we cannot foresee or imagine the harms that will come from any other principle than that we are the owners of information about ourselves. But it is not even safe to allow the use of facial recognition with consent. We simply are not thinking, once again, and are bound to run into the consequences. The example of the facial recognition of children ought be “enough said,” as Ben Carson might say. So what about the elderly, beautiful women, police, public servants, government officials? Is it ok with us if Facebook tracks these persons? We, the citizens need to insist that congress say no to these companies, and stop prostituting the rights, liberties and security that our nation and our founders went to such trouble to provide.

Why is there not a competitor to Facebook that practices integrity and respects the customer’s privacy? To spy on another is a hostile act. What if we do that to the owners of these companies, until they understand? I’m sure the owner allows just anyone to track him and collect his information. Then we will see what they have to hide. But that would be a hostile act. But we need to boycott Facebook until they learn how to treat their customers. If the companies had to pay us when they prostitute us, They would surely be less inclined to place us in dangerous circumstances for their own profit. We are the owners of our faces. Our privacy extends into the public, because our souls and minds are not public. If they do not believe us, they may believe a future congress. If your company takes this from me and my fellow citizens, especially without consent, we have a problem.

As usual, the lobbyists for the information industry emphasize the convenience and security that can result from the new technology. They want this to appear like every other question of the new technology. How useful it might be if everyone were tracked from morning till night in all their movements, we could end crime! And who needs oversight!

It is time we get a hold of this internet thing. We insist on the American Bill of Rights. Push back. Survey Surveillance. Restore ownership of ourselves to ourselves, and secure liberty for our nation. Industry better get on board, or we, the voters, must sweep them and the panders of our liberties in congress quite away.

We are encouraged to contact our state representative about a law similar to Illinois.

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