Around Christmas time, when the mood was good, I wrote to my representative about the ridiculous American system of taxation. One thing I said was that if, no, when I am working the checkout line at the Meijer’s, and the fellow who designed these tax forms comes to my checkout lane, we are going to go through everything in the store he didn’t buy. To clarify the analogy, we might rather first take a bunch of his money, then go through each thing in the store and have him certify that he did not buy it, giving him his money back. This is obviously backward, and the cause is, in part, that we cannot trust ourselves to do our taxes honestly. The system of being overtaxed, then saving receipts and writing things off is absurd. Then the government wants to promote this or that good cause, and gets into the forms so that this or that incentive must be chronicled. Every single person in the United States needs a tax accountant, or else their employer is paying for a service. A single businessman, a painter, paid a service 18$ per hour to process 12$ an hour labor, required by the tax system. The strain on the GNP, as well as on American patriotism, is staggering.And Now the IRS cannot keep up, so there are errors all over, with parts not knowing what other parts of the bureaucratic Babylon are doing. I have received six letters telling me that they need more time to respond to some communication I have long since forgot, regarding money I owe and cannot pay. I cannot afford a tax attorney or accountant, who would only tell me that if I do not exaggerate deductions, he cannot get me a big tax break. It took over one month and five trips to the library to report four numbers. That is already one tenth of a year, not of course entirely devoted to filling out forms, but plagued by the process in a way that seriously impairs my work, including the work with which I hope to pay my tax. Nationwide, such a system is destroying self-employment and hobbling the GNP. We have to start over, phasing in a plan that begins from a flat tax, but makes necessary adjustments, by taking into account how things got to be the way they are now. We need a tax system that is fair and that it is possible to obey without being ruined. How many of the poor are forced just below the need for welfare by being incapable of dealing with the tax system? Is it possible to turn around the backward assumptions?

It is of course not constitutional to require of citizens things that cannot be fulfilled. Due process requires that the laws be reasonable. If I were to fill out my tax forms on court time, complete with trips to the library for forms and phone calls to the IRS, we would see how long it would take a Judge to agree that the system as it is now is not constitutional. It may also be contrary to self preservation to tax the poor below subsistence, and to make subsistence labor illegal. And shall we read the instruction booklet, or try to figure out what functions are safe to do online?

Ben Carson may be able to do such a thing, and just in time. Representative Walberg has been very concerned about the problems with the Tax system and the IRS.

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