NPR Begins to Question Abuse of Psychiatric Drugs

Sarah Alvarez has indicated, on public radio July 2nd, that children in foster homes in Michigan are three to five times more likely to be prescribed psychiatric medicine than other children. This is probably because being a foster child is very disturbing, and the state agencies, convinced of the value of drugging children, has easy access to these. One commentator actually stated the suggestion that these medicines be used not as a first but as a last resort because the long term side effects are unknown. We have long argued that our scientific ignorance of psychology and psychiatry leaves a large opening for the drug companies to market their wares, bribing the doctors into recommending various drugs like Aderol, Zoloft and Abilify as well as Ritilin and the anit-psychotic drugs. Unlike medicines for the body, the causes and cures regarding the soul are unseem, and no one realizes the extent of our scientific ignorance regarding the soul. The Neurologists just tell us about dopamine and neuron receptors, parts of the brain that light up during certain activities, and we swallow their garbage hook, line and sinker. Having had the experience of setting out to become a psychologist, but giving up when I found that what they study has more to do with animal training and now veterinary medicine, with no concern at all for genuine knowledge if this does not look like physics or statistics, but rather involves the attempt to associate with the wise, and those who for two or three thousand years have done the most to try to know the human being. Our psychology still pretends that the study of man began with Freud, or worse, with Watson, Wundt and B. F. Skinner. The knowledge of man accessible trough the introductory dialogues of Plat, which are easy to read, is vastly and demonstrably superior to our psychology. These works- Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo- are not even read in most programs of psychology. The questions that are not even raised in our psychiatric education makes one painfully aware of the extent of our scientific ignorance and the basis from which we drug children and anyone else we allow the industry to get its hands on. We literally do not know what we are doing, and the science simply does not care. Its practitioners continue to draw six figure salaries for legally drugging us after fifteen minute interviews. The knowledge of man is the peak of the sciences of the beings. Our science cannot even account for why living things are different from nonliving things, plants from animals, mammals from insects, and man from the other animals. Our trust in psychiatry and drugging is tragically misplaced. One does not see this until he sees what the curriculum is that supposedly gives a shrink medical authority over our souls. The psychiatrist will put up a virile defense, insisting that the only hope for mental sufferings is them. My car mechanic also makes a living by telling me how much I need him. We need to distinguish business interest from scientific knowledge. When we learn the extent of human ignorance regarding man and all the important questions, then psychiatry might switch to using drugs only when necessary, for practical reasons, such as to save a life, rather than whenever possible as though we could write a prescription for excellence and happiness..

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