Putting Thoughts Together on the Bill of Rights

Sometimes it takes us a while to realize how two thoughts are related. Here the wisdom of the founding and the Bill of Rights proves to be far ahead of us. Consider how our disregard for the Fourth Amendment and property seizures in the Fifth might be related. Government might now use their infinite surveillance to find the most profitable instances to seize property. Our Fifth Amendment, in my reading, forbids government from interfering with the liberty of citizens, for example in drunk driver check lanes, without a particular reason, such as one’s car is weaving. This also means that government cannot create false instances or arrange circumstances and scenes in order to look for crime. I recall once seeing a mad preacher in a bus station being arrested in order to distract people while buses were being searched. Undercover officers are currently allowed to create false circumstances without probable cause, say, ding this to ten people in order to glean one crime. The other nine have then had their liberty violated contrary to the Fifth Amendment. In a word, the Constitution forbids our being interferred with when a spacific reason is lacking, and this is more important than at first appears.

Another place where two thoughts come together is the realization that, while we have been told that it is necessary to ignore the Fourth Amendment due to terrorism and war, Congress has not been able to say no to Google and Facebook, when information brokering is obviously a national security threat. Our dangers are so severe that everyone’s phones must be tapped, and yet Google is allowed to spy on everyone, Facebook to use facial recognition, selling information even on government workers to absolutely anyone with money? One sees how serious are the reasons given for the setting aside of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The thought that spying can be used to steal the citizen’s property is very disturbing. How about a list of all citizens too poor to afford lawyers, and conversely, which citizens can afford lawyers. Such a list would be very helpful to our criminal police when they go to gather cars for their relative’s impound yards. Such things are being done, and our elected officials cannot keep up with the ingenious uses government have for our rights, once we give these over. You want to protect against terrorism and war? The first thing is to never abuse power, and the second, to prosecute and remove the abusers of government power, quickly and thoroughly, whenever this occurs. You tell the citizens terrorism and war are so serious you must ignore the Fourth and Fifth Amendments? Why not demonstrate your seriousness by opposing the abuse of power, since this is extremely dangerous in many ways. Just say no, then, to Google, Facebook, and government that, when the Bill of Rights is violated and powers abused, admits of no oversight, accountability and meaningful recourse.

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