Oxy and Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse

We have not even addressed the most obvious and publicly agreed upon example of prescription drug abuse, regarding the pain killer Oxy. Doctors, inspired by the cut they get from the drug companies, prescribe this pain killer though they know it is addictive. Once addicted, the victim finds that Oxy cost 40$ per fix, but heroine only 10. Pressured by the addiction, the solution is obvious, and the heroine dealer has a new customer. Sort of reminds one of Dolphins fishing, where one group herds the fish and the other eats them. So we have a new heroine epidemic, a continuation of the strange spike that coincided with the war in Afghanistan. No one has quite been able to explain how increased U. S. presence led to an increase in heroine imports. Just sit back and watch your T. V. , vote or don’t vote, rant or don’t rant, but do not fire the congressmen in their pockets, kick them out of the medical schools and hospitals, and forbid rewards to doctors for prescribing certain drugs.

Do not have news agencies that fearlessly expose the drug companies and investigate the “campaign contributions” buying your representatives. Someone you know has becomes a heroine addict due to Oxy, and will join those with a fifteen percent chance of even surviving, let alone making their lives worth living. Are you missing any of your stuff? My only question is whether more money is earned when the system gets the addict all signed up after their arrest than when the dealers get the suburban user stealing for them. Again, this is like the dolphins fishing, a very simple scam, and the sort organized crime just loves. Organized crime has penetrated our society at a very fundamental level, and we do not have the spirit to say no to them any more than to Facebook. We have become to slavish to retain our ancient liberty.

“Everybody swim down.”

And for them, one always wonders why they do not retire or convert, and turn their powers to good uses, to redeem the time lost. Like a gambler, too, they might quit while ahead. And as with the very wealthy, when they are seen to sweat over amounts of money, one wants to ask, “Do you have enough money yet? For at some point, more money becomes useless, like a piece of sculpture. Oh, excuse me, I will go sit in my room full of cash. For your sons and daughters.

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