Lawn Farming II: Do Grasshoppers have intelligence?

Here is a thing that seems to occur when mowing the lawn. It leads to an hypothesis that I will check with further observation. There are moths and grasshoppers in the grass, and I always slow down to let them get out of the way. The moths seem to scurry more randomly, while, I swear, the grasshoppers seem to move always to the side, and never to the front of the mover, as though they understood where the mower was going to be. We will go check this again, as it is time to mow, quick, before it rains. One must regret the critters that get caught up in human enterprises, though we plow ahead and just expect them to get out of the way. Plow when the top of the earth is dry, and fewer worms get injured. Humans just ignore this stuff, but if one pays attention, the little things will teach us.

Here is an update: While mowing, I had to stop for one big grasshopper, and when he didn’t move, I had to turn off the mower and go move him. I told him he was disconfirming my hypothesis, but he just took his good luck and hopped away. My sister says now he’s going to reproduce, and we’ll have a bunch of challenged, moth-brained grasshoppers because I messed up the natural selection.

Ah, the philosophic life!

2 thoughts on “Lawn Farming II: Do Grasshoppers have intelligence?

  1. Better late than never…try to capture a grasshoppers interest. They have great eye sight. When he notices you, it will move side to side. Imitate the movements with your head. Slowly move your index finger towards its head and as gently as possible per its face/head avoiding the eyes body and legs. They are very much aware, when they acknowledge your eyes you can see a spike in interest…try it, be patient

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