Two Invention Ideas

Another thought to add to the Inventions page, one for the general good, is for medicated e-cigarettes to restore the lungs of us smokers. Doctors might consider what simple things might be a benefit, so long as we are going to smoke e-cigarettes. It is something like vitamin E and Aloe for the external skin. Those who know might study the matter.

And for the Cats, I am sure many before have considered a way to get them to take pills. For his condition, Mr. Black was supposed to take 1/2 pill every seven hours, but would have none of it. I think I got a quarter pill down him twice, which helped him a great deal. We wrapped it in the best tuna, but he’d separate it out. His seizure type reaction stopped yesterday morning, and he’s groggy, but going to make it.

Medicine to restore the usual, after we do harm by blundering.

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