Google Violates the First Amendment by Blocking Web Traffic

Google, of course, takes money to have content appear in searches. It is a search engine, and does not own the web, nor even provide access to the internet. That is done by companies like Charter, and ours for this location is 60$ per month.

It is not only that taking money for advertising perverts the searches. My content is as if it were not on the internet at all. Take an example for a test: One blog here is titled “Ben Carson for President.” Even when typing quotations around the words, my blog will never appear in searches for “Ben Carson for President.” Many other things appear which have only some of the words, passing up the literal title, and demonstrating that the content is not available to the search. We have hundreds of pages that are supposed to be on the web, but almost all our traffic is word of mouth.

This fact is a violation of the first amendment, as is especially obvious regarding political speech. Those who will not give Google information or allow them to place cookies in ones private e-mail, etc, are simply excluded from the public forum and political speech, leaving only those who go along with the new monopoly. Facebook does the same, having taken over internet comments to NPR, so that if one wishes to comment, they must give information to someone so that they can be tracked for marketing purposes and anything else Facebook or others choose to do with the information.

My representative has been informed of this circumstance, but either does not understand the issue or does not care. Most people simply go along, because we truly are simply compelled to go along with Google if we want to be on the web. This circumstance is not acceptable, and cannot be allowed in a free nation.


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