Ben Carson and Foreign Policy

   We had the opportunity to go see Ben at Eastern Michigan University on Wednesday. We found ourselves a bit more healed and revived by his Jeffersonianism, which emerges through the things usually thought to be the issues. His speech was on health care, and the press acknowledged for the first time that he did have a plan, rather than reporting snippets thrice removed from what the man has actually thought and said.

   The Question has been raised as to whether Ben Carson has the right experience to handle foreign policy. He addressed this criticism toward the end of his appearance. He referred to Ronald Reagan, an actor, who I myself, at the time of his election, though incapable of handling foreign policy. He said that foreign policy is very much a matter of common sense, and referred to the economic method of countering Russian ambitions.

   Common sense is the basis of foreign policy excellence, but there is of course a great deal more involved, requiring not only extraordinary intelligence and the right goals, but also a liberty from the entrenched Washington interests of a career politician, not to mention the political incorrectness of a wealthy T. V. bully-clown. Now, maybe what Putin needs is to have a guy who shoots from the hip like a drunkard, so that he does not know so well to expect what our decency will do. Maybe this would do world politics some good, but that is not what the American people want, nor would that carry, in the long term, advantages that outweigh the harms. Ben Carson has the intelligence to handle U. S. foreign policy, and may well be equal to the task of U. S. Chief Executive.

   The snippet reported in the Press, apparently from an interview conducted before his speech, was the Carson response to a recent suggestion, by the Republican leading in the polls,  that an Inquisition be instituted regarding immigration. Ben just visited the Syrian Refugees, and reports that they want to stay in Jordan. While, for practical reasons, we may not be able to do certain things regarding immigration, we should help the Jordanians care for these, looking to their future repatriation in a healed Syria.

   What has occurred in Syria does seem to make a third movement, an alternative to both ISIS and Assad, more difficult. In doing this, Russia has revealed that they are willing to play checkers with human happiness for their own imagined political advantage, revealing their baseness for all the world to see.

   As a neurosurgeon, Ben Carson has lived a life where life and death situations are routine. Growing up on the streets of Detroit, too, he understands an environment of crime and power politics, and even how to thrive in this. This steady hand makes him potentially very trustworthy regarding the use of modern weapons. We suggest he is the steady hand on the trigger for our century, even as Ronald Regan, in the past one, proved to be.

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