Food Safe Plastic for Flint Rainwater Collection

After about fifteen minutes searching we have some suggestions about food safe plastic sheets. High density polyethylene is good, and Low density is ok for plastic leaching harmful stuff into the water. These are milk jug and bread bag plastic, respectively. PETE (Polyethylene teraphalate) is for pop bottles. This info comes mostly from Annie B in a safe food website. All plastics do something in sunlight we would want to know about. In the meantime, we just won’t leave our collector out in the sun, wash it or let the first of the rain flow off it, a libation..

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Clear Polyethylene Sheeting, 3 Mil 10′ x 25′

by Thermwell Products Co Inc

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Flint: See, the Filters Do Not Quite Work For That Much Lead

Watch out where the Huskies go

And Don’t you eat that yellow snow-

Frank Zappa

Look up! Fresh water falls from the sky. All we have to do is collect it and test it. We should not collect it downwind from factories, dusty cow pastures and such. We have a little time before the best rain collecting season begins, to find a food-safe plastic and 5 gallon Absopure bottles. In the mean time, collecting snow and melting it is fun, and good when it is fresh under open sky. We used to make snow ice cream when we were kids, and everyone used to know one couls eat snow and drink snow water. Our roofs could have rain barrels for bathwater, or we could roll up our food-safe plastic, go up and unveil it on a section of roof, staple it down, and get ready to catch it.

Turns out the filters are not much good over 150 ppm, and their highest reading was 4000. I am not even sure my stovetop distiller gets out all the parts per million, and we like stainless steel for all the parts because it seems most inert. If you trust me, you will not trust that phosphorus coat the pipes idea, either. We’ll lay new pipes, or evacuate Flint. The burbs might be able to handle the influx of refugees.

We want Garrison Keillor to advertise rainwater like he does Catsup and rhubarb pie and powdered milk. “If your seated next to a Child, be sure to drink your own whisky before drinkin the child’s whiskey.”

GBH Boston’s On Point Reveals Plot to Treat All for Depression

NPR last night played a show on On Point discussing a newly revealed government plot to treat everyone for depression. This will go well with the universal health care and the demonstrable ignorance of psychology and the demonstrated corruption of the prescription drug industry in America. Look, ace, psychiatric science is the same in Europe as in America. Who decided to put all the Americans on psychodope, each of one sort or another? Oh, our science tells us to try one thing after another for each, until we hit that just right concoction, the one you’ll surly need after allowing those healers to geek you about one way after another at hundreds of dollars a pop. They already have one quarter of the U.S. women on antidepressants (my married neighbor assures me that the other three quarters need to be). Yet the scientist of depression, the one with the funny scientific sounding voice (great for radio) assures us that they know, and teaches us the difference, between “dismay” and clinical depression. And how do these break down percentage wise in comparison with the percentage of the population you have now drugged? You see, perhaps the Philosophy of Psychology, too, can be a “science.”

My favorite line was where this doctor pronounced the ethical dictum for his profession “X should only be done in Y circumstance.” The marvels of modern science.

No one has even read the first chapter of my efforts toward a philosophic psychology.

We could turn next for treatments of paranoia, you know, thinking that there are such a thing as plots. Rather than being so deliberate, these people usually fall into these errors by accident, lolling along in the ignorant pursuit of various forms of self interest. Perhaps the unexamined life is neither safe nor worth living.

Warnings Ignored

For the first time in my life, I am hearing about Bob Ebeling, the engineer who warned about the shuttle disaster for two days before the launch. The engineers tried very hard to convince NASA that it was too cold to launch because the seals would not seal. No one would listen. I have lived thirty years with the image of the disaster, and never even heard the story of Ebeling’s warning.

Mona Hanna-Attisha, the doctor who discovered the lead problem in Flint, also tried to warn. he was told that her figures were wrong by an agency that had fifty experts. She and her cohorts doubted their figures for about two hours, then returned to their efforts to alert the city.

In both these stories, it is difficult in hindsight to imagine how such warnings could be ignored, with no one stopping to check. In the Flint case, we very much would like to know why the agency with fifty experts did not listen, and at least check, especially after her reconsideration. Surely the Attorney General will examine these moments in detail. One gets the impression that the agency with fifty experts is not even considering the data, but making decisions for self interested financial reasons and obligations to Big money. We get the impression that decisions are being submitted above to billionaires for an ok on the financial interests effects, to be calculated by accountants before anything is done in government.

Questions, though, are finally being raised about the ability of this sort of an America to respond to crises. On D-Day, the reason the Americans made the landing on Omaha Beach was that, after their commanders were killed and scattered, they were able to make their own decisions due to a life of being raised in Liberty. The Nazis were all afraid to make decisions on their own, but had to wait in fear for the command of the Fuhrer. By the time these commands came, their responses were much too late.

So, when we are trying daily to get word to someone, especially about road salt and the danger to every single lead water pipe in the country where road salt is used, we have Bob and Mona to think of, two who have gone before us through far more difficulty and opposition. Still, no one seems to understand even the simplest things, like that clean water often falls right from the sky. Eggs come from Chickens, hens and not roosters. We are also warning about the internet. We have called the Governor twice, NPR three times, WWJ twice, our Federal Representative twice about the internet (he listens). We have had just a couple word-of-mouth visitors here on word-of-mouth press, but no one has even called us back with any questions. Meanwhile, they drink brown water in Flint while rain and snow fall from the sky, and road salt may be moving closer to our wells and reservoirs, for all we know. The internet search engines are all blocked, and government spying inhibits thoughts that everyone does not already understand, from being spoken without stigma, and soon perhaps from even being thought. ISIS advances.

Subpoena the Search Engines

So, we can subpoena the data for submitted searches, find what ought have come up or would have come up, and compare this to what did come up, for Bing and Google and even Yahoo. This is one way to demonstrate mathematically what has already been demonstrated logically, that these web pages are not exactly “on” the internet. Another is to compare statistically the appearances of things in search engine searches with the likely clicking of the average person, then reduce the likelihood of what appears to a tautology, that is, we can say that the likelihood that this game is not rigged is, for example, 99.63%. We can then take this argument into court with ACLU assistance, perhaps, and put an end to this rubbish internet system before it results in catastrophe, tyranny, or both. Or, Mr. Mellon-wedge could admit that we have him, pay damages determined by an arbitrator, reform and keep his business, soon at even greater profits, since liberty and the free market do indeed go together. We understand that legislative errors resulted in a playing field where snowing the people and prostituting liberty has been the only way to compete, but now we understand the purpose of regulation: To counter the interest companies have, and can be forced to pursue, in profiting from harming the common good, rather than from the value of their product.

P. S.: We realize that English professor Ann Kurzan, oft a guest on NPR, has just recently delivered a teaching on why we do not begin sentences with “So…” I do this, and many other grammatical and spelling errors intentionally- to informally connect with a previous account, and perhaps to pretend not to be so stuffy, when really I am- though we often have accidents and incontinents as well! Hi NPR! Hi Ann!

Snyder’s PR Firm: The Demise of the Republican Party

It is good that the Governor hired a new PR Firm, as the one that told him it was good publicity to do so at this time needs to be fired.

Ok, America we no longer need the Koch Brothers and the Amway brothers to tech us how not to impose a tyranny on the economy. We can think of the free market on our own, beginning with preserving the free market by getting rid of these shadowy billionaires who hire henchmen to follow people around and interfere with the political economy, They call this free market, wherever their power can reach and whatever it can do. They call it free market when the internet companies use their power to fleece us. The dangerous reality is that one might as well call civil war a facet of the free market. These people do not understand the free market, how it is dependent upon the political to preserve the possibility of a free market in the limited sphere of the economy. In the political world, as with Darwinism, these principles lead to tyranny. The businessmen never did appreciate that their easy money was based on the blood of the Revolution and the principles not of Adam Smith, but Thomas Jefferson, not of Dale Carnegie, but George Washington, people with much more important things to do than make money.

Governor Snyder Hires a New PR Firm

…and assures us this is not done with taxpayer’s money. This reminds me of all that talk under Kwame about how Detroit has an “image problem.” Now, had they done their Plato, you know, back in college when they were toiling for years for political wisdom from the teachings of the greatest minds regardless of their personal financial gain, they would have the beginning of the understanding of the difference between appearance and reality. Detroit does not have an image problem, it has a reality problem. Let anyone who doubts this stop at a gas station after dark or try to take their kids to school. Let them go do a painting job and receive their pay in the driveway, then try to get out of the city.

What we have not done is hire, or rather pay, the Virginia Tech people who were helping with the water crisis, and apparently had the advise that might have prevented disaster, at least in the short term. Nor has he made sure that people with commonsense solutions to address the problem are able to get their suggestions to anyone able to think these things out in a comprehensive way. Nor has he looked with foresight to the broader implications of road salt in our pipes. Nor has he opened a public search for the cause of the Legionnaire’s disease also related to the Flint River, and the question of whether these things are just an odd coincidence.

Above all, he has not recognized the importance in politics of a liberal education. Nor has he told Mr. Koch that our Liberty is not a commodity, and if you treat it as such, we will not be able to respond to a crisis. Like a reformed prostitute receiving a wedding offer, we will find we’ve whored the means. Go cash your check.


Flint: They Didn’t Treat the Pipes?

The word today on NPR is that Marc Edwards advised the city to treat the pipes with that chemical (a “phosphate”). The city declined to do this in order to save a mere 100$ per day, and now the cost is 1.6 Billion.  We are tempted to tell the people that that is why one does not elect a governor based solely on economic credentials. But Cher and our Democratic Senator have already seized the opportunity to pounce. The Governor responded that we should try to focus on things helpful. But from my suppressed blogs, one can see what the result has been of trying to find solutions. No one has contacted us yet, and we work for free! They are all being paid, and well, for this disastrous mismanagement. But that might begin to explain why Virginia Tech went home saying they were exhausted and 80 million$ in debt. One just can’t tell which expert to hear. When in doubt, hear the rich guy. After all, wealth is a sign of ability, and perhaps divine favor.

No one is talking yet about the question of why the Flint River water dissolves pipes at 19 times the rate of other water, nor has the question of the source of the legionnaire’s disease in the Flint. No one has looked to see if the DPW is dumping road salt or old air conditioners into the river. Most of all, no one is talking about why no one has been or is talking.

The current plan is to treat the pipes and try to use them. There is no plan to encourage the collection of snow and rain water, nor to look to distillation. No one has called the famous inventor Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, who has a water box, a giving heart,  and an army of engineers who have worked on water for a few years now. Snow and rain water were mentioned for the first time on NPR this weekend.

Check out our Inventions page for distillation and roof collection thoughts, and pray for the people of Flint. Pray for our nation, as these things would not be happening if all were well.

Alternate Hypothesis # 4

This is published on the web by wordpress:

Google Blocks Thousands Of WordPress Sites Following Malware Attack

Security firm Sucuri reports that Google has blacklisted over 11,000 malware-infected WordPress domains, and over 100,000 sites in total have been affected by a new malware campaign from

By using a vulnerability found in the WordPress plugin RevSlider, SoakSoak modifies a file in a site’s WordPress installation and loads Javascript malware.

RevSlider is often used in WordPress themes, so many site owners may not even know they’re using the plugin, let alone that they need to update it to prevent a malware attack. Moreover, it’s not a plugin that’s easily updated, as Sucuri’s Daniel Cid points out:

“The biggest issue is that the RevSlider plugin is a premium plugin, it’s not something everyone can easily upgrade and that in itself becomes a disaster for website owner. Some website owners don’t even know they have it as it’s been packaged and bundled into their themes”

Visitors of infected sites may be redirected to a webpage that will attempt to download malware onto their computers. Google’s decision to block infected sites shortly after the vulnerability became known will hopefully prevent the malware from spreading any further.

If you believe your WordPress site has been infected by the SoakSoak malware, there is a list of resources in this WordPress Support thread that can help you correct the problem.

If you’re in the clear, then let this be a reminder that it’s incredibly important to keep your WordPress plugins updated in order to be fully protected against security vulnerabilities. Updating your plugins is just as important as keeping your WordPress installation updated to the most current version.


It is obvious that internet companies like Google can do anything surreptitious that is or appears profitable, blame it on that mysterious dark web, and no one will know. Ditto for the U. S. Government, whose employees frivolously use the national security argument to justify any sort of tyrannical, unconstitutional practice and silence all opposition. National security requires that marketers track everything about us as we proceed in public, that this information be used or abused according to any purpose. So how will we ever figure out the mystery of why we are finding things that appear that are mathematically impossible if our website is in fact on the Internet?

We think that the U. S. Government has entered into agreements with the internet companies to allow them to do these questionable and monopolistic practices in exchange for help spying on us, you know, to be only used for our security. We trust that government will not abuse this power because Congress oversees the executive branch so closely, and is certainly not intimidated or afraid of any of the ten or twelve open and secret agencies within the executive branch..

It is also mathematically impossible that some lead not have been kept out of the people of Flint if the articles about water and inventions were read, unless of course the American people have become too stupid and slavish to read anything at all.

There are 60 million people using WordPress accounts? Gee, no interest in philosophy and psychology? No one working on the Flint River Crisis? OK, Matt Mellon-wedge, we’re callin’ you out, to defend your integrity. Tell us it ain’t so Matt. Has success corrupted you so soon?

On Snow Water:

NPR has just now mentioned snow water, after one year. They also mentioned rainwater for the first time, this morning.

Here is a reblog from last winter:

Snow Water Again

Hey Appalachia! Hey Flint Michigan! Today I am making snow water outside. I have a pile of bricks with two inverted black hibachi lids warming snow that is in pots, then pouring this into a 5 gallon old Absopure bottle. Our snow is a bit old, not pure as the driven, like that foot that just fell in Kentucky, so I’m going to take a coffee filter and the basket to get out bits of plants. I did find one tiny spider, one of the nice kind, melting out of a potful last week, but I rescued him in a tiny snowball and set him in the wandering Jew.

Snow is pure water, unless it picks up stuff or smog after it crystallizes. This is because only water precipitates out of the air at a certain dewpoint, though other things might precipitate out at different points. Collect it from open places, without trees overhead, and drink up! A gift from above this Sunday!