Governor Snyder Hires a New PR Firm

…and assures us this is not done with taxpayer’s money. This reminds me of all that talk under Kwame about how Detroit has an “image problem.” Now, had they done their Plato, you know, back in college when they were toiling for years for political wisdom from the teachings of the greatest minds regardless of their personal financial gain, they would have the beginning of the understanding of the difference between appearance and reality. Detroit does not have an image problem, it has a reality problem. Let anyone who doubts this stop at a gas station after dark or try to take their kids to school. Let them go do a painting job and receive their pay in the driveway, then try to get out of the city.

What we have not done is hire, or rather pay, the Virginia Tech people who were helping with the water crisis, and apparently had the advise that might have prevented disaster, at least in the short term. Nor has he made sure that people with commonsense solutions to address the problem are able to get their suggestions to anyone able to think these things out in a comprehensive way. Nor has he looked with foresight to the broader implications of road salt in our pipes. Nor has he opened a public search for the cause of the Legionnaire’s disease also related to the Flint River, and the question of whether these things are just an odd coincidence.

Above all, he has not recognized the importance in politics of a liberal education. Nor has he told Mr. Koch that our Liberty is not a commodity, and if you treat it as such, we will not be able to respond to a crisis. Like a reformed prostitute receiving a wedding offer, we will find we’ve whored the means. Go cash your check.


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