Snyder’s PR Firm: The Demise of the Republican Party

It is good that the Governor hired a new PR Firm, as the one that told him it was good publicity to do so at this time needs to be fired.

Ok, America we no longer need the Koch Brothers and the Amway brothers to tech us how not to impose a tyranny on the economy. We can think of the free market on our own, beginning with preserving the free market by getting rid of these shadowy billionaires who hire henchmen to follow people around and interfere with the political economy, They call this free market, wherever their power can reach and whatever it can do. They call it free market when the internet companies use their power to fleece us. The dangerous reality is that one might as well call civil war a facet of the free market. These people do not understand the free market, how it is dependent upon the political to preserve the possibility of a free market in the limited sphere of the economy. In the political world, as with Darwinism, these principles lead to tyranny. The businessmen never did appreciate that their easy money was based on the blood of the Revolution and the principles not of Adam Smith, but Thomas Jefferson, not of Dale Carnegie, but George Washington, people with much more important things to do than make money.


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