Subpoena the Search Engines

So, we can subpoena the data for submitted searches, find what ought have come up or would have come up, and compare this to what did come up, for Bing and Google and even Yahoo. This is one way to demonstrate mathematically what has already been demonstrated logically, that these web pages are not exactly “on” the internet. Another is to compare statistically the appearances of things in search engine searches with the likely clicking of the average person, then reduce the likelihood of what appears to a tautology, that is, we can say that the likelihood that this game is not rigged is, for example, 99.63%. We can then take this argument into court with ACLU assistance, perhaps, and put an end to this rubbish internet system before it results in catastrophe, tyranny, or both. Or, Mr. Mellon-wedge could admit that we have him, pay damages determined by an arbitrator, reform and keep his business, soon at even greater profits, since liberty and the free market do indeed go together. We understand that legislative errors resulted in a playing field where snowing the people and prostituting liberty has been the only way to compete, but now we understand the purpose of regulation: To counter the interest companies have, and can be forced to pursue, in profiting from harming the common good, rather than from the value of their product.

P. S.: We realize that English professor Ann Kurzan, oft a guest on NPR, has just recently delivered a teaching on why we do not begin sentences with “So…” I do this, and many other grammatical and spelling errors intentionally- to informally connect with a previous account, and perhaps to pretend not to be so stuffy, when really I am- though we often have accidents and incontinents as well! Hi NPR! Hi Ann!

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