GBH Boston’s On Point Reveals Plot to Treat All for Depression

NPR last night played a show on On Point discussing a newly revealed government plot to treat everyone for depression. This will go well with the universal health care and the demonstrable ignorance of psychology and the demonstrated corruption of the prescription drug industry in America. Look, ace, psychiatric science is the same in Europe as in America. Who decided to put all the Americans on psychodope, each of one sort or another? Oh, our science tells us to try one thing after another for each, until we hit that just right concoction, the one you’ll surly need after allowing those healers to geek you about one way after another at hundreds of dollars a pop. They already have one quarter of the U.S. women on antidepressants (my married neighbor assures me that the other three quarters need to be). Yet the scientist of depression, the one with the funny scientific sounding voice (great for radio) assures us that they know, and teaches us the difference, between “dismay” and clinical depression. And how do these break down percentage wise in comparison with the percentage of the population you have now drugged? You see, perhaps the Philosophy of Psychology, too, can be a “science.”

My favorite line was where this doctor pronounced the ethical dictum for his profession “X should only be done in Y circumstance.” The marvels of modern science.

No one has even read the first chapter of my efforts toward a philosophic psychology.

We could turn next for treatments of paranoia, you know, thinking that there are such a thing as plots. Rather than being so deliberate, these people usually fall into these errors by accident, lolling along in the ignorant pursuit of various forms of self interest. Perhaps the unexamined life is neither safe nor worth living.

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