Michelle Obama For President? II

We still think it a great idea for Michelle Obama to run for president, even though she could throw the election to the trumpet if she fails. See, we do not want Barack to lose his house and have to move, I mean, after all he did to keep Republican “deregulation” from  costing us all our houses. (I still do not understand why the bailout of the auto companies worked, though it soon became clear that companies that do what GM did with the ignition switch scandal, well, these maybe ought-a fail.) So, providing of course that Barack minds his p’s and q’s, he’d have a place to stay, and could continue to grace the halls dancing with his 106 year old girlfriend while Michelle is busy! And if he gets caught, or maybe gets caught smokin’ or even burnin’ one, like at sunset on the porch when all the work is done, he could always get himself a couple cats and a shed out back in the orchard, where he could get back to his political philosophy and constitution studies.

Cedric Ford: No Answer Yet

Yes, we just cannot manage to get those statistics on the relation between antidepressants and public shootings, due to our overwhelming respect for the privacy of these unfortunate souls. And if you do not think I know the difference between correlation and cause…Read my chapter on psychology in the menu of permanent pages at the top of my website, because I do not get around to demonstrating my brilliance on that issue. We might need a little angry sarcasm in our public discourse.

Is that lack of public information not similar to the astonishing lack of statistics on the hiring of affirmative action candidates for full time politics and philosophy teaching positions? We just do not categorize people according to race and gender, so such statistics just cannot be compiled! You see, we centrists can act as gadflies from either the left of the right.

We are in a national crisis on more issues than one can list, and all we need do to correct it strand upright. We need to leave behind the boring things of the body and rediscover what it means to be an American and what it means to be a human. This turning and uprighting, , like angry sarcasm, can be a lot of harmless fun!

John McCain on Torture/ Mark A. McDonald, PhD for U. S. House of Representatives

Permalink: http://www.mccain.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/2016/2/floor-statement-by-senator-john-mccain-on-inhumane-interrogation-methods

Senator John McCain is right in his speech on torture, and this shows why he should have beaten George Bush in the primary and been president when the World Trade Center was hit on September 11 2001.

This issue is very important. We have committed a national sin, if not in the extremely few instances where the one tortured was himself guilty of torture and murder (Mr. Zarquawi), then surely in the inability of Mr. Cheney and others in the CIA to set a limit to the practice, using torture against some innocents and some borderline figures. One just cannot be too sure, you see, and this is how such practices quickly got out of hand. We American voters just sit on our couches playing video games and thinking that the only way this effects us is that we will be safer if the CIA has no limits, and we are too afraid of them to speak out anyway. Mr. Bush was, we think, governed in this instance by his CIA and his Vice President, because he deferred to their Machiavellian judgement. We need a president who can reestablish civilian control of this military executive agency before their erroneous principles result in national catastrophe.

Mark A. McDonald, PhD for House of Representatives

I have told my representative, Tim Walberg that I will oppose him from the center in the election for the House of Representatives for this year’s election if he does not strongly support John McCain on this issue. I will need 3000 signatures from my district or 100$, and I will beat him with no campaign funds, no junk mail and none of those stupid yard signs. I could run my whole campaign from the internet, as “ideas ship for free,” except that my web traffic is being controlled by WordPress and apparently the FBI. At least I can count on some thoughtful, dedicated readers! The question, though, is how free these proud people are as citizens. Tim Walberg also does not care if the First Amendment is violated in this way, interfering even with elections, and he does not care about the Fourth Amendment either, on a very serious issue which also involved the violation of the Fifth Amendment. He did uphold the Fifth Amendment regarding Federal property seizures when it was a partisan issue. I think the voters of Michigan have seen quite enough of this sort of politics with our Governor and the Flint water crisis, and that they are ready to elect a Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist candidate.

Again John McCain is dead right about this issue theoretically, aside from his experience. Foreign citizens and even enemy combatants have the rights that all humans have according to the Declaration of Independence, which is fundamental law in the United States along with the Constitution, though the Constitution must spell out the principles. Again, if I cannot find a better, richer, more handsome candidate to run as a Centrist Libertarian, it’s game on. I may not be able to spell, but they are unable to talk. And, under the principles of tragedy alluded to in previous blogs, we ask the voters and the Machiavellians, do you want to lose a war? Machiavellianism is a philosophic error which I have discussed in my writings in detail, and I would be glad to debate these Koch and Amway brother conservatives on the issue. He is fundamentally wrong about the nature of reality as a whole, if he knows that brutal force and acquisition can be more persuasive than Jesus when talking to the most stupid third of the people. Is that a sculptor up there on Mount Rushmore, carving the face of Machiavelli in among the founders of America? The Voters Have Had It! Lets take back America in this way, the Centrist way, and avoid the tyranny toward which the stupid Republican Party is tending. Let us also avoid the violence toward which police brutality and federal disregard of the Bill of Rights will lead, regardless of how hard we centrists try to stick to the principles of Saint Martin Luther King Jr. Did I make you angry? Don’t You Just Want to Come Violate MY Rights? Why don’t you’all grow some kahunas and beat me in debate and at he polls? You have, after all, infinite resources for PR firms, while I have only College Loan Debts. Game On, if I get 3000 signatures or 100$. Why not send your cronies to interfere with my petition, that will surely impress the voters. 

Peace Button

Here’s another one for Facebook, the Peace button. It is of course a peace symbol. We hope that if they do not give us the 20% inventor’s fee, they will at least consider this compensation for the billions I cost them if I succeed in preventing them from doing facial recognition on children so that human traffickers can go shopping.

We are a free people, and there is of course a lot of money to be made by prostituting us and our rights and our safety. That is what regulations are for, and we suggest that if the Republican party wants to sell us, and cannot come up with an economic theory which takes justice into account, the Republicans are all done.

Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist party.

If I cannot find a better candidate, I will consider running for Representative from my District. John McCain delivered a speech on Torture to the U. S. Senate recenty, and we suggest that if America cannot see this and follow him, we just might lose a war. How is that for National Security?

John McCain Hero.


Perhaps I just do not understand War. I would like to take a class from Senator McCain.

What if, when an enemy were captured by the U. S. Army, the war were over, just like Even the vulgar Jim Morrison could say the line “War is Over,” In the song the Unknown soldier?

What if when one were captured by the U. S., he got to see by surprise how wrong he was?

Does the “Actionable Intelligence” we supposedly gain by this method outweigh even the Actionable intelligence we would gain by the true method? Perhaps not in every case, but in the true long run?

And is this the only way we gain information about terrorist plots? Is it even a significant way, compared to foreign nationals who see America, the true America? These would want to help[ us voluntarily, in my America.

Machiavelli is wrong, and the appearance that he is right, an appearance one can produce or receive that he is correct may be a delusion caused by the confinement of our vision to the parameters of the lower world, the “Visible,” which, due to the imprisonment of the human soul, sees only half the earth and hell, and does not see heaven.

We believe that all men have the rights to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What if we treated enemies like we do the involuntary mad, securing their rights and even their creature comforts as we do an animal? What if when we capture you, war is over?

I Think that if we do this war is over.

I think I want to have a long talk with John McCain. His Spirit, his ferocity, his Courage, can only hurt an enemy till the enemy lays down his arm. I’ll betyou once you stop fighting against John McCain’s America, War is over and you will soon fall on your face and repent, even before a human being, so that he tell you, no, I am mortal.

I’ll bet the appearance to the Republicans that torture is a necessity of war is a delusion taught by Machiavelli. I’ll bet you if we followed Jesus, we would win.

I’ll bet you Machiavelli cannot take my hero John McCain


Poem: Melchizedek

Or: How did Abram’s Ram Get Caught in the Thicket to Begin?

Climbing Mount Moriah

Looking for lost ram, his friend.

He fears him to be caught somewhere

In thicket or in briar, Shem.

Running low on wine and bread,

It’s late, to go home time instead.

It maybe that the Lord had need

Or caught there by some lion’s greed.

That unholy sacrifice be brought to end

Making this the Holy Land.

Michelle Obama For President?

The U. S. Constitution currently limits the President to two terms. Barring a change, allow me and the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party to suggest that she could trounce both the Donald and Hillary. I know very little about her, but she does have a law degree. This would allow Barack to stay in the White House, if she wo0uld let him, and He would surely help her. Barack is one of the greatest presidents of all time, and it is a very bad idea to change administrations when we are potentially going in to World War III.

Seeing the stupid Americans ready to elect the Donald, I was sarcastically thinking of running for president myself, as a Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist. The Machiavellians, the Internet Billionaires, or someone of that sort would likely prevent anything like this, but I do challenge the voters to find a better one page essay on world peace than my blog two blogs ago. Find a more comprehensive understanding, or even someone who can read the thing.

If one runs for president, one cannot call the American people stupid, because, although they are unable to debate me on the assertion, they will not have a gadfly.

And, since they will insist on a colonoscopy, I will tell them ahead of time, I do have hemorrhoids, and am a terrible speller, just like Shakespeare, especially for one holding a PhD in Politics.

But I have not yet prostituted my Constitutional liberties, which has to0 be a plus. I have served the common good without much fear or regard for earning money in my career, again in contrast with the Donald. But I would seriously rather have either Barack of Michelle. “Male and Female, he created them.”

The Joke is that I am much better qualified than the Donald, for the very reasons that nearly one third of Americans are stupid enough to elect a potential tyrant.

Ya pays yer money and Ya takes yer choice.

Was Cedric Ford on Antidepressants?

It is apparently the case that prescription drugs are now in the water. Rainwater and distilled water are then the first alternative, and we have many inventions on our Inventions page in the menu at the top of the Home Page. The President has asked us not to become calloused to the public shootings.

Is it not amazing that this question has Yet  to raised in the media?

We sincerely hope that all the very rich people, who will not notice if their own income were to double, are not seriously harmed along with everyone else in the ship of state by their slavish dedication to money at the expense of Liberty, and health. But I am afraid that that is how tragedy works.

You cannot serve both God and Mammon.


Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer choice

                                                                 Iggy Pop

Islam, Isis and What is Needed for Peace

As we have said, we follow the policy of both our last two presidents, and consider the matter to be quite obvious, that we are not at war with Islam, but with the faction pretending to be based on Islam that is Al Quadra or the “Islamic State” that arose out of Al Qaeda. These have declared war on us, and so we are at war with them: one cannot, apparently, always choose peace, because others may choose war and attack you. We of course invite ISIS to just undeclared war on us, return these nations to their people, and the drone strikes etc. will stop. But this is the same as the condition between Israel and the Palestinians. If the Palestinians would follow Martin Luther King Jr, protest peacefully, and agree to live as good neighbors with their neighbor, they would quickly find that Israel would even help them, most likely, and, as George Bush famously said, they could replace teaching their children the bloody things of hatred, and watch them go to school in the morning, go to work, come home to their wives, and pursue happiness in peace. Why would one rather have this horrible war? Apparently they do not have access to this teaching, and others, other Palestinians, most likely in exile, who do wish and try for peace, must simply take over governing their people.

Islam is a religion of Abraham. Following Abraham, they believe in one God, the most High, the same God that the Christians and Jews believe in. Mohammed has the harshness of a legislator, but is not much different from Moses in this regard. Islam teaches justice, charity, chastity, kindness, and like the Jews will bring almost anyone home to celebrate Sabbath, they too will help non-Islamic neighbors. We do wish they would allow Christians to preach, or at least live in peace, though that has not been the rule in Islamic nations. The history of the West, though, makes us more “open,” allowing Islam a liberty and freedom of religion that they have not allowed the Christians. We ask then only that the Christians be allowed to live in peace, and, failing that, to emigrate.

The idea that Islam has more against the U. S. than the Russians is absurd. Russia is recovering slowly from Atheistic Communism, and their new nationalism is really a sort of tyranny. Russia too may recover their Greek Orthodox faith, and it would be a great help in this if the Pope would continue toward the recognition that the division between western and Eastern Churches is a political not a religious division. The idea, for example, that the two churches not recognize on another’s Eucharist is equally absurd. It is logically possible for both to be successors to the apostles, and the insistence of Rome on supremacy and obedience is about to destroy Rome, and lose an opportunity, perhaps, to prevent a third world war. We are not supposed to be divided in this way when he comes again in glory to judge the living and the dead. What good is a Church that cannot repent?

But presently, Atheistic Communism is much more opposed to all three Abrahamic religions than any of these are to one another. Mohammed taught the Arabs to worship one God rather than many. Incidentally, this is much better for the soul, and all polytheistic religions practice abominations, apparently according to some very ancient customs. The Homeric Greeks would on a rare occasion practice human sacrifice, to which Abraham, or rather God, put an end on Mount Moriah. Islam teaches that this occurred on the very threshing floor of Ornan where the Dome of the Rock and the wailing wall stand today. Now, Christians, do note that when Paul was about to turn southwest, apparently to bring Christianity to the Arabs, the Holy Spirit turned him North (if I remember correctly), as recorded in the Acts of the Apostles. So, to say the least, Christendom ought be very glad that Mohamed brought monotheism to the Arabs. It is apparently much better for the integration of the soul to believe in one God than to believe in many. This is a subtheme of Plato’s Euthyphro, when Socrates refutes the definition of piety proposed by Euthyphro because what is dear to one god or loved by one God may be not dear, or hated by another God,. The whole Trojan war was based on a disagreement between Zeus and Hera, a marital squabble between beings who are more like people than divinities.

Radical Islam, though, does not have an Islamic source. Its diabolic hatred of their brother Abrahamic religions could not come from Abraham. We doubt seriously that the defense of the faith taught by Mohammed has anything to do with the offense of ISIS, though it is not impossible that the faith inherently seeks to  take over the world not by persuasion but by force and destroy their brethren Abrahamic faiths. We will have to read more of the Koran, which we will do, but one wonders  what father Abraham would think of the quarrel of these half brothers in his bosom. One suspect that one would get grounded or something. We suggest he would not be happy.

Which leaves us to question where radical Islam, in its diabolic aspect, came from. When the U.S. sought to stop the Soviet expansion into Afghanistan, the U. S. did arm the people who later became Al Qaeda. Conspiracy theorists, like my friend Bill, accuse the CIA of being behind the origins of Al Qaeda, but we think this theory is absurd. They were once our allies, and became our enemies, and that is all. “Ockham’s razor,” a famous late medieval philosophic theory, suggests that the simplest explanation is the most likely, and this is often, though not always, a good rule.

We suspect that the Russians are behind Al Qaeda or radical Islamic theory, just as if Hitler were in power in Germany we would suspect that the Nazis were behind radical Islam: At least we would have two theories. Some sort of Western diabolism, some secret “Satanism” would be a third possibility. Marx and Hitler have this in common: they teach that some utopian condition, utopian in their terms of a racial or economic atheistic paradise, is attainable if only we kill a huge segment of the people, their own people, when no civil war is occurring. For the Nazis, this was of course the Jews, seconded though by anyone not racially German. For the Marxists, it was a certain economic class, called “Bourgeoisie,” and then after Lenin did some mischief to adjust the theory to fit Russia, where there was no industrial proletariat at all, this became simply the many poor, who are to kill the few rich to perform their diabolic inversion of baptism. Both these theories, the extreme left and the extreme right, have this in common, simple shifting the particulars, so that for the Nazis it is race based and for the Communists it is class based, for the Nazis biology and for the Marxists economics, but both are “reductionist,” reducing all ethics and all human things to one or another relatively small part of the human phenomenon.

Our theory, then, is that radical Islam has a source not in Mohammed, but in Western diabolism, just as Marxism or communism has its source not in anything native to the Russia, but German Philosophy. A patriotic Russian might expel this foreign garbage and return to the Greek Orthodox Church. Similarly, a patriotic Mohammedan, with any concern at all for the common good of his people or the good of any one of the Persian or Arabic nations, would expel this foreign garbage. And ditto for China: the idea that the German Marx is in any way remotely superior to0 their native Lao Tzu is simply absurd. But is apparently only in the West that we are allowed the liberty of study needed to see these things.

German philosophy degenerated in diabolism as a shadow of the Roman Church, the working out of Church History that resulted, as we say, from their making a law out of the light, and committing the sin of the Inquisition. As a result, western thought from Machiavelli through Nietzsche became a shadow, inverted, of the artifact made by Rome, an man made thing, a convention. We say Jesus was not a legislator at all, but the Savior. That is why he teaches peace, (which incidentally is another word for Islam), and does not commit the violence of the circumcision of a people needed to expel idolatry and human sacrifice. It is only against this background of idolatry, now gone from our world and incomprehensible, that the violence of Mohammed and Moses makes any sense. The legislators prepare the character for the savior, like a trellis, somewhat as Homeric civilization prepared the Greeks for Socrates, perhaps. Socrates, of course, is not the savior, but a regular man, if one sent by the divine as a Gadfly to Athens.

Jason Dalton: No Answer Yet

Was Jason Dalton on antidepressants? There is no answer yet. And the question has not even been raised in the media. Perhaps they are deferring to the “mental health professionals.”

Antidepressants are going to be found to be the cause of the public shootings, as unique to the United States as is this terrible abuse of medical authority. We had over fifty visitors to that blog two days straight, many of them from public radio. A few people commented, a couple who, like myself, have figured this out. Does no one care? Perhaps we should go ourselves and ask the family members of the eight people who were shot, if it is ok with them that my search engine traffic is blocked. Again, we think this to be the case by a comparison of word-of-mouth traffic to search term traffic. It is something like 99/2. Please, then, visitors, do re-blog this and pass it around.

Let us put an end to this abuse of medicine for billions of dollars that has become the rule in America. Let us put an end to it tomorrow, or even today. No more antidepressants after a fifteen minute interview, and no more “rate you pain from one to ten” so we can be sure you do not leave the office without a prescription for the CVS. Or do you not think this, too, is a national security issue. Our enemies are laughing at us, while we drug the Western world into defeat so that a few companies and a few drug dealers can achieve their short term profits. Even Ben Carson is so far siding with the money, and everyone knows the poor are not worth listening to.

“If your so smart, why are you not rich?”

If your so rich, why are you not smart?

As I have said, my internet traffic is blocked from search engines, and I would gain a court order to stop this if the poor had access to the courts. We have written to the Lieutenant Governor, about both water and prescription drugs, but he has not acknowledged receiving the e-mail. He does not listen any better than the Governor, who as a result is, along with the Republican party, headed into retirement, and for this reason. But it may be too late.