The Flint River is Just Fine?

A new report today says the River is fine, the problem is that they did not add the phosphate. The River is 19 times more corrosive than Detroit, and if road salt is causing this, every well system with lead pipes in the state also need the phosphate on the pipes. Anyone who believes that that coating just stays on the pipes , well, they might want to buy some land in Flint, or perhaps invest in the future of these people’s America

Mark Edwards on Wikipedia said the corrosiveness of the water was probably due to road salt. Now we get this “well within acceptable limits.”

Perhaps were picking up some of the residue of that new PR Firm the governor hired. First, the day after he hired them, we started hearing about how much they would focus their efforts on all the underrepresented groups that popular opinion in America likes to hear about. Then, as if they realized that sounded a little over-the top, they went silent for a few days- did you notice? Soon we will see their comprehensive strategy, and this bull about the Flint River sounds like the first piece.

It is not ok with this “expert” if they use already leached, corroded pipes and water nineteen times more chlorinated than Detroit so that peoples lives and health depends on a coating process we cannot see or test.





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