Hey WordPress, Nice Driveway!

Since kindness is about, we will not neglect to mention how much we like our driveway as such. We especially like the editing function, which allows one to correct errors, making a piece of writing continually improvable. Like, later, I might find a better way to say that.

WordPress does produce a product that has a natural value. Our objection is that they have used their position of power to extort money and information in exchange for access to an internet that they do not own. Even more, our objection is that congress has allowed this to occur, failing to secure the most elemental of rights. Even more still, we object that this il-liberty is then used by the executive agencies and whoever else, toward whatever purpose, with no oversight from congress and a president dependent upon the agencies for his very knowledge of what he is encharged to oversee. There you have it. But we do like our driveway!


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