Do Antidepressants Cause Public Shootings?

This question has been raised, but cannot be addressed by American researchers. The epidemic of public shootings happens to coincide with the use of antidepressants in our befuddled psychiatric science, though this also coincides with the use of many other drugs and many other poisons. I have not even heard of a study collecting data on what drugs these persons had been treated with. Suicidal tendencies are a known side effect, and we have suggested that the drugs drop the floor out on certain weak, bad and violent characters. Public science, kissing up to the money and the drug companies, can only recommend more psychiatric care, treat everyone for depression! The diagnosis is: You need us!

WordPress is controlling who sees this blog, so that six fiction writers might see it, the FBI, of course, but no one searching on any search engine on the internet can have access to it, an obvious, commonsense, PhD suggestion about a public problem, virtually unique, as others seem blocked by interests from thinking of it themselves. Please do consider it, and come read our “Notes toward a Philosophic Psychology,” in the Menu under Psychology at the top of the screen.


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