Gravitar and WordPress Begin To Speak For Us

Gravitar, we notice, gives one a frowning or glum face if one does not feed their system with information or buy their product, those little pictures next to comments on blogs. WordPress, meanwhile, has edited my spelling of their company name on my website, correcting the small “p” to the capital, as is technically a spelling error. My automatic editing function is indeed turned off, last I checked, but like the other functions these have been known to change themselves mysteriously, in the company’s interest of course. This was reported by a WordPress user when I looked up the question of whether and in what ways access from the search engines is controlled and blocked. This must be easier than editing their business to get their toll booths out of our driveways. I had suggested that they just computer generate their own content if they did not want to observe the First Amendment, and perhaps they would be as content to do business in Rubles. Need I add that this is fine with everyone else, so there must be something wrong with me? Perhaps I have earned my glum or frowny face. Need it be said that it is not ok if these companies write content for me in any way? Next thing, they will correct my misspelling of the name of Matt Melon-Wedge, the owner of the company, Word-of-Mouth Press.


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