Was Jason Dalton on Antidepressants?

We have had another shooting, this time with six dead in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Will no one report on the influence of psychiatric medicines in these shootings, so that we can consider whether these are causally related? The news agencies do not inquire, and the people are kept uninformed. Perhaps that too calls for investigative journalists to begin to ask some of these rather important questions. Why is there no coverage or reporting on either of these questions?


14 thoughts on “Was Jason Dalton on Antidepressants?

  1. Excellent question. I just watched an excellent documentary last night regarding this exact proven connection. How dumb are we??

    • Thanks, Nick, I have not seen the documentary, but am very glad that someone is considering what drugs these shooters are on. In addition to guns, the abuse of psychiatric medicines is the obvious thing that has changed in our society since the epidemic of shootings began. The public response has been only that we need more psychiatric treatment. The shrinks are getting kickbacks, and their six figure salaries are dependent on this system of drug everyone after a fifteen minute interview. We have studied psychology, and did not pursue a graduate degree in this, but rather political philosophy because psychology is like that. No graduate programs in America even studied human beings, but rather, rats and neurons, then they are given authority to care for souls. We study Carl Jung. Our theory is simply that these drugs, known to make people suicidal, drop the floor out from under weak and bad characters.

      • “No graduate programs in America even studied human beings, but rather, rats and neurons, then they are given authority to care for souls. We study Carl Jung. ”

        nice insight. reminds me of the saying ” western medicine seeks to treat the symptoms; and never the cause” .

    • Dear Jacqueline:

      As you know, we are great admirers of you and your blogs. Also, sorry to get theoretical on you about power. Blessings and peace to you. Keep up with Annette! She connected me to the Aussie who worked in Cambodia, and who wins the award for Random Acts of Kindness Week!!

  2. exactly what i am asking myself. hopefully the public receives more reliable inside information… a married father as well.. doesn’t add up.

  3. Every time there is a mass shooting or bizarre violent act, I automatically assume the cause is antidepressants until another cause is proven. so many people are on these mind altering drugs that make some people snap and even plot long term, I am surprised more people aren’t coming apart.

    • Get the word around, because the whole view has to change. This is a national crisis. Please visit my webpage at the top of the screen, in the menu, for the first chapter draft of a work on a new, philosophic psychology. Contact your legislator, because the financial interests are entrenched- thanks

  4. I’m sure he was on anti-d’s and I’m also sure they’re already doing their best to cover it up. Did you see Andrew Thibeau’s recent article in Mad In America? This just came out a few weeks ago, maybe the beginning of May 2016. I am a psych survivor myself, escaped of course…and alive to tell the tale. As soon as you start talking human rights, they call you paranoid and try to silence you either by locking you up or force-drugging you.

    • Come read my Psychology page at the top of the website. Among other things, I try to reset the foundation of modern psychology, basically turning to Socrtatic philosopy and Carl Jung. This drug everyone for profit psych has got to go! We do lots of Jefferson and rights theory. I’ll look for the Thibeau article, thanks! Antidepressants are the cause of the epidemic of public shootings, is the theory anyway-MM

    • Say, Julie, I seem to be blocked from your website (now that your all famous!) I hope this is you adjusting your settings, and not some internet perfidity! My dear sister signed one of your petitions, and has been giving me some trouble lately. Hope all is well, and hope to see you again soon-MM P. S. This is more of an e-mail than a comment, so unpost it if you like, but do respond.

      • No, actually, nothing to do with you personally or anyone. I’m working on job applications and a few other things that necessitate being temporarily invisible. I’ll be back!

      • Hi Julie! I had two notes for you: 1. I was reading an old paper on M. Foucault, Madness and Civilization, where he theorizes about how medical science gained authority over unreason, as mental “illness” in the late 1700’s, taking over the scapegoating from leprosoriums, and leading to Janet and Freud in the 1800’s. I am not sure that he is correct, but he’s got the right question. I lost my copy of this book a long tie ago, but tried to integrate the account into my chapter. 2nd,…I forgot, so I’ll tell ya later. Good luck on the job! Again, this is an e-mail, so don’t post it (unless you want). Oh yeah, I wanted to spin my Carpenters, and remembered one of the songs that is the same theme as 17 by Steevie Nicks. (“Don’t you remember. you told me you loved me…said youl’d be comin back this way again maybe….” That and “mole dust in your hair and thrown the starlight in your eyes of blue…” She has one other too that might make my list of the top 30 lyrics of all time, it is close. I was thinking of that stuff when I read about your trip to Equador and not eating and liking Karen Carpenter…
        See ya ’round-

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