What Chemicals are Being Used To Grow Medicinal Marijuana?

Since medicinal Marijuana was legalized in our state, growers are given a limit to the number of plants they are allowed, usually 12. Just like the tobacco industry, the growers then use all sorts of chemicals to maximize profits on a certain number of plants. The product is noticeably tainted, and no one will speak out against the practice. Phosphorus is burning people’s lungs, and this is called “medicinal.” Companies selling an array of chemicals and methods  are making a fortune. These now have an interest in preventing the legalization of growing one’s own organic weed and smoking it.

No one has ever, so far as I know, even tested organic tobacco, so that the whole anti smoking opinion may have grown up by error. For all we know, it is the 714 other chemicals plus the fertilizers that are carcinogenic. At the Hospital, smoking is forbidden like it was the plague, while they pass out Oxy like it was candy. That is the power of popular opinion in a democracy where the people do not study anything other than money-making. Soon studies may show that Marijuana is indeed very harmful.

To connect this blog with the previous two, Marijuana as an antidepressant, compared to the antidepressants used as psychiatric medicine,  is like aspirin compared to Oxy for pain relief. It is not seriously addictive, has no serious side effects, and as a home remedy could replace the harmful antidepressants. Our Psychiatric medicine could of course not think of this, with all their science, because there is no money in it for them.

That is why we have a Constitution, and as we have argued, the law forbidding Marijuana where no commerce is involved is obviously unconstitutional- it is not even a serious question. In order to prohibit the harmful, toxic, addictive alcohol, we had to change our constitution, and the error gave us organized crime whose power has not diminished nearly a century later. One half of all the money from organized drug dealing- and possibly as much as one half the strength of organized crime- may be due to the prohibition of Marijuana. Besides, while not as much of a gateway as Oxy, it does pave the way to the dealers and teaches the disregard for law. Let law obey the Constitution, and people may again revere the law.

Do we not then need an organic reefer movement! Remember Johnny Appleseed? Play Johnny reeferseed, and put an end to this illiberty. Are we free?


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