Hey Hayden II: The Abuse of the National Security Excuse

Mr. Hayden has spoke in threatening tones about anyone who uses the word torture and CIA in the same sentence. The CIA does not like criticism, and the agents are, let us say, not exactly selected for moderation regarding anger nor understanding of the Bill of Rights. In fact, their education may cultivate a disregard for the Bill of Rights, which is still a part of the U.S. Constitution. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but they also,  like the Catholic philosophy professors, are not selected for truth telling or the honoring of oaths, just the swearing of them. Mr. Hayden has made it clear that they will abuse the extraordinary powers given them for national security in order to silence critics, which may be part of why they have so few critics. When an institution grows for forty years without critics, there are bound to be, let us say, a few excesses. They will not like it if we, perhaps exaggerating with language, as humans are wont to do, say that they do not mind using psychological, romantic and economic torture in domestic matters. These abuses of the powers given them for national security occur, as it were, within fifteen minutes, and without their really thinking about how what they are doing violates law and their oath nor how this effects national security in the broad sense and in the long term. Since there is no independent intelligence, say, based in a committee of the representatives of the people in the Senate, the president must believe what they tell him- what else is he to do? Have his White House staff investigate them? Or the press? Or perhaps the FBI?  Now that these are joined, by president Bush, into one agency, they ought have an easy time of this oversight, being right down the hall.

The effects of having a CIA and FBI despotism are manifold, extraordinary and tragic. They, again as they are selected, believe that their own will and interests are synonymous with national security, and this with the public good. But these problems are why these unelected agencies are supposed to be the instruments, not the rulers, of the president. We believe that Salwyn Raab has a few things to point out, too, about what occurs when they abuse the powers given them for national security in order to govern or even select their boss. Mr. Oswald, though he may (?) have been a Castro communist and a traitor, was a CIA trained marksman (or is it spelled Marx man?) who just happened to have a job at the book depository where the presidential motorcade was to pass- go figure. Two weeks before the assassination, Mr. Hoffa, from our own neighborhood up here, is noted to have asked Mr. Trafficante and/or Mr. Marciano (?) “Can’t something be done about these Kennedys?” And, marvel of marvels, Mr. Ruby happened to own a bar where mobsters hung out, and was in debt to them. It is a classic mob hit to kill the hitmen, so, hitmen beware. To kill the one who ordered the hit to begin with, though, may be an innovation. Did the mob, then, use the CIA to kill the President and perhaps the Attorney General who decided that America had had enough of Mob tyranny?

I have sworn on the altar of God eternal [hostility] toward every form of tyranny over the minds of men-

                                                                       Thomas Jefferson

Balls, though, is one thing for which the CIA is selected.

As we have commented on a website regarding the reaction of a five-year-old to the assassinations of Lincoln, John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr: One cannot get a whole lot done this side of the fear of death.

And for the famed, there are many more who go down in obscurity, as in the U2 song ” In the Name of Love.” “One man come on a barbed wire fence.” Do you see the soldier from WWII dead in the barbed wire fence? Eternal hostility. Every form.

This is what happens when powers given for national security are routinely abused.

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