Jason Dalton: No Answer Yet

Was Jason Dalton on antidepressants? There is no answer yet. And the question has not even been raised in the media. Perhaps they are deferring to the “mental health professionals.”

Antidepressants are going to be found to be the cause of the public shootings, as unique to the United States as is this terrible abuse of medical authority. We had over fifty visitors to that blog two days straight, many of them from public radio. A few people commented, a couple who, like myself, have figured this out. Does no one care? Perhaps we should go ourselves and ask the family members of the eight people who were shot, if it is ok with them that my search engine traffic is blocked. Again, we think this to be the case by a comparison of word-of-mouth traffic to search term traffic. It is something like 99/2. Please, then, visitors, do re-blog this and pass it around.

Let us put an end to this abuse of medicine for billions of dollars that has become the rule in America. Let us put an end to it tomorrow, or even today. No more antidepressants after a fifteen minute interview, and no more “rate you pain from one to ten” so we can be sure you do not leave the office without a prescription for the CVS. Or do you not think this, too, is a national security issue. Our enemies are laughing at us, while we drug the Western world into defeat so that a few companies and a few drug dealers can achieve their short term profits. Even Ben Carson is so far siding with the money, and everyone knows the poor are not worth listening to.

“If your so smart, why are you not rich?”

If your so rich, why are you not smart?

As I have said, my internet traffic is blocked from search engines, and I would gain a court order to stop this if the poor had access to the courts. We have written to the Lieutenant Governor, about both water and prescription drugs, but he has not acknowledged receiving the e-mail. He does not listen any better than the Governor, who as a result is, along with the Republican party, headed into retirement, and for this reason. But it may be too late.

3 thoughts on “Jason Dalton: No Answer Yet

  1. This is especially occurring in the U.S., though one suspects they want to spread the practice to Europe. 25% of American women are on Antidepressants. Now, according to a show on WGBH Boston, they want to treat everyone (Bold, italics) for depression. People routinely report that the drugs make them suicidal. We must turn opinion, because everyone now appeals to the “mental health professionals,” and there is no science, but only profits, behind the practice.

    At least the women do not go and shoot people!

  2. Contacting the office of the Lieutenant Governor, the unofficial explanation is given that medical privacy prevents the release of the truth about what drugs these shooters are prescribed. Hence, such a study must be done by government in conjunction with the “mental health professionals.” Given the government action paradox, then, it is not so surprising that something rather obvious seems not to have even been considered. The drug companies and the shrinks, then, need to set aside self interest, in order to bring an end to the epidemic of public shootings.

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