Michelle Obama For President?

The U. S. Constitution currently limits the President to two terms. Barring a change, allow me and the Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist Party to suggest that she could trounce both the Donald and Hillary. I know very little about her, but she does have a law degree. This would allow Barack to stay in the White House, if she wo0uld let him, and He would surely help her. Barack is one of the greatest presidents of all time, and it is a very bad idea to change administrations when we are potentially going in to World War III.

Seeing the stupid Americans ready to elect the Donald, I was sarcastically thinking of running for president myself, as a Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist. The Machiavellians, the Internet Billionaires, or someone of that sort would likely prevent anything like this, but I do challenge the voters to find a better one page essay on world peace than my blog two blogs ago. Find a more comprehensive understanding, or even someone who can read the thing.

If one runs for president, one cannot call the American people stupid, because, although they are unable to debate me on the assertion, they will not have a gadfly.

And, since they will insist on a colonoscopy, I will tell them ahead of time, I do have hemorrhoids, and am a terrible speller, just like Shakespeare, especially for one holding a PhD in Politics.

But I have not yet prostituted my Constitutional liberties, which has to0 be a plus. I have served the common good without much fear or regard for earning money in my career, again in contrast with the Donald. But I would seriously rather have either Barack of Michelle. “Male and Female, he created them.”

The Joke is that I am much better qualified than the Donald, for the very reasons that nearly one third of Americans are stupid enough to elect a potential tyrant.

Ya pays yer money and Ya takes yer choice.

One thought on “Michelle Obama For President?

  1. If Michelle were to run, she had better do this in the Democratic primary, to avoid splitting the party and handing the election to the Donald. What we need is for center-right candidates like Rubio or Ben Carson to run as independents, handing the election to someone who might be able to be president if they do not win themselves. Let’s have a write in campaign for Michelle to oppose the Democratic $$ and the socialist with the good ideas (Mr Sanders was the first to mention prescription drug abuse, and ranks high with the CLC for a few other nice points.

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