Perhaps I just do not understand War. I would like to take a class from Senator McCain.

What if, when an enemy were captured by the U. S. Army, the war were over, just like Even the vulgar Jim Morrison could say the line “War is Over,” In the song the Unknown soldier?

What if when one were captured by the U. S., he got to see by surprise how wrong he was?

Does the “Actionable Intelligence” we supposedly gain by this method outweigh even the Actionable intelligence we would gain by the true method? Perhaps not in every case, but in the true long run?

And is this the only way we gain information about terrorist plots? Is it even a significant way, compared to foreign nationals who see America, the true America? These would want to help[ us voluntarily, in my America.

Machiavelli is wrong, and the appearance that he is right, an appearance one can produce or receive that he is correct may be a delusion caused by the confinement of our vision to the parameters of the lower world, the “Visible,” which, due to the imprisonment of the human soul, sees only half the earth and hell, and does not see heaven.

We believe that all men have the rights to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What if we treated enemies like we do the involuntary mad, securing their rights and even their creature comforts as we do an animal? What if when we capture you, war is over?

I Think that if we do this war is over.

I think I want to have a long talk with John McCain. His Spirit, his ferocity, his Courage, can only hurt an enemy till the enemy lays down his arm. I’ll betyou once you stop fighting against John McCain’s America, War is over and you will soon fall on your face and repent, even before a human being, so that he tell you, no, I am mortal.

I’ll bet the appearance to the Republicans that torture is a necessity of war is a delusion taught by Machiavelli. I’ll bet you if we followed Jesus, we would win.

I’ll bet you Machiavelli cannot take my hero John McCain


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