Cedric Ford: No Answer Yet

Yes, we just cannot manage to get those statistics on the relation between antidepressants and public shootings, due to our overwhelming respect for the privacy of these unfortunate souls. And if you do not think I know the difference between correlation and cause…Read my chapter on psychology in the menu of permanent pages at the top of my website, because I do not get around to demonstrating my brilliance on that issue. We might need a little angry sarcasm in our public discourse.

Is that lack of public information not similar to the astonishing lack of statistics on the hiring of affirmative action candidates for full time politics and philosophy teaching positions? We just do not categorize people according to race and gender, so such statistics just cannot be compiled! You see, we centrists can act as gadflies from either the left of the right.

We are in a national crisis on more issues than one can list, and all we need do to correct it strand upright. We need to leave behind the boring things of the body and rediscover what it means to be an American and what it means to be a human. This turning and uprighting, , like angry sarcasm, can be a lot of harmless fun!

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