John McCain on Torture/ Mark A. McDonald, PhD for U. S. House of Representatives


Senator John McCain is right in his speech on torture, and this shows why he should have beaten George Bush in the primary and been president when the World Trade Center was hit on September 11 2001.

This issue is very important. We have committed a national sin, if not in the extremely few instances where the one tortured was himself guilty of torture and murder (Mr. Zarquawi), then surely in the inability of Mr. Cheney and others in the CIA to set a limit to the practice, using torture against some innocents and some borderline figures. One just cannot be too sure, you see, and this is how such practices quickly got out of hand. We American voters just sit on our couches playing video games and thinking that the only way this effects us is that we will be safer if the CIA has no limits, and we are too afraid of them to speak out anyway. Mr. Bush was, we think, governed in this instance by his CIA and his Vice President, because he deferred to their Machiavellian judgement. We need a president who can reestablish civilian control of this military executive agency before their erroneous principles result in national catastrophe.

Mark A. McDonald, PhD for House of Representatives

I have told my representative, Tim Walberg that I will oppose him from the center in the election for the House of Representatives for this year’s election if he does not strongly support John McCain on this issue. I will need 3000 signatures from my district or 100$, and I will beat him with no campaign funds, no junk mail and none of those stupid yard signs. I could run my whole campaign from the internet, as “ideas ship for free,” except that my web traffic is being controlled by WordPress and apparently the FBI. At least I can count on some thoughtful, dedicated readers! The question, though, is how free these proud people are as citizens. Tim Walberg also does not care if the First Amendment is violated in this way, interfering even with elections, and he does not care about the Fourth Amendment either, on a very serious issue which also involved the violation of the Fifth Amendment. He did uphold the Fifth Amendment regarding Federal property seizures when it was a partisan issue. I think the voters of Michigan have seen quite enough of this sort of politics with our Governor and the Flint water crisis, and that they are ready to elect a Centrist Libertarian Constitutionalist candidate.

Again John McCain is dead right about this issue theoretically, aside from his experience. Foreign citizens and even enemy combatants have the rights that all humans have according to the Declaration of Independence, which is fundamental law in the United States along with the Constitution, though the Constitution must spell out the principles. Again, if I cannot find a better, richer, more handsome candidate to run as a Centrist Libertarian, it’s game on. I may not be able to spell, but they are unable to talk. And, under the principles of tragedy alluded to in previous blogs, we ask the voters and the Machiavellians, do you want to lose a war? Machiavellianism is a philosophic error which I have discussed in my writings in detail, and I would be glad to debate these Koch and Amway brother conservatives on the issue. He is fundamentally wrong about the nature of reality as a whole, if he knows that brutal force and acquisition can be more persuasive than Jesus when talking to the most stupid third of the people. Is that a sculptor up there on Mount Rushmore, carving the face of Machiavelli in among the founders of America? The Voters Have Had It! Lets take back America in this way, the Centrist way, and avoid the tyranny toward which the stupid Republican Party is tending. Let us also avoid the violence toward which police brutality and federal disregard of the Bill of Rights will lead, regardless of how hard we centrists try to stick to the principles of Saint Martin Luther King Jr. Did I make you angry? Don’t You Just Want to Come Violate MY Rights? Why don’t you’all grow some kahunas and beat me in debate and at he polls? You have, after all, infinite resources for PR firms, while I have only College Loan Debts. Game On, if I get 3000 signatures or 100$. Why not send your cronies to interfere with my petition, that will surely impress the voters. 


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