Michelle Obama For President? II

We still think it a great idea for Michelle Obama to run for president, even though she could throw the election to the trumpet if she fails. See, we do not want Barack to lose his house and have to move, I mean, after all he did to keep Republican “deregulation” from  costing us all our houses. (I still do not understand why the bailout of the auto companies worked, though it soon became clear that companies that do what GM did with the ignition switch scandal, well, these maybe ought-a fail.) So, providing of course that Barack minds his p’s and q’s, he’d have a place to stay, and could continue to grace the halls dancing with his 106 year old girlfriend while Michelle is busy! And if he gets caught, or maybe gets caught smokin’ or even burnin’ one, like at sunset on the porch when all the work is done, he could always get himself a couple cats and a shed out back in the orchard, where he could get back to his political philosophy and constitution studies.

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