Hey Hayden II: The Abuse of the National Security Excuse

Mr. Hayden has spoke in threatening tones about anyone who uses the word torture and CIA in the same sentence. The CIA does not like criticism, and the agents are, let us say, not exactly selected for moderation regarding anger nor understanding of the Bill of Rights. In fact, their education may cultivate a disregard for the Bill of Rights, which is still a part of the U.S. Constitution. They are sworn to uphold the Constitution, but they also,  like the Catholic philosophy professors, are not selected for truth telling or the honoring of oaths, just the swearing of them. Mr. Hayden has made it clear that they will abuse the extraordinary powers given them for national security in order to silence critics, which may be part of why they have so few critics. When an institution grows for forty years without critics, there are bound to be, let us say, a few excesses. They will not like it if we, perhaps exaggerating with language, as humans are wont to do, say that they do not mind using psychological, romantic and economic torture in domestic matters. These abuses of the powers given them for national security occur, as it were, within fifteen minutes, and without their really thinking about how what they are doing violates law and their oath nor how this effects national security in the broad sense and in the long term. Since there is no independent intelligence, say, based in a committee of the representatives of the people in the Senate, the president must believe what they tell him- what else is he to do? Have his White House staff investigate them? Or the press? Or perhaps the FBI?  Now that these are joined, by president Bush, into one agency, they ought have an easy time of this oversight, being right down the hall.

The effects of having a CIA and FBI despotism are manifold, extraordinary and tragic. They, again as they are selected, believe that their own will and interests are synonymous with national security, and this with the public good. But these problems are why these unelected agencies are supposed to be the instruments, not the rulers, of the president. We believe that Salwyn Raab has a few things to point out, too, about what occurs when they abuse the powers given them for national security in order to govern or even select their boss. Mr. Oswald, though he may (?) have been a Castro communist and a traitor, was a CIA trained marksman (or is it spelled Marx man?) who just happened to have a job at the book depository where the presidential motorcade was to pass- go figure. Two weeks before the assassination, Mr. Hoffa, from our own neighborhood up here, is noted to have asked Mr. Trafficante and/or Mr. Marciano (?) “Can’t something be done about these Kennedys?” And, marvel of marvels, Mr. Ruby happened to own a bar where mobsters hung out, and was in debt to them. It is a classic mob hit to kill the hitmen, so, hitmen beware. To kill the one who ordered the hit to begin with, though, may be an innovation. Did the mob, then, use the CIA to kill the President and perhaps the Attorney General who decided that America had had enough of Mob tyranny?

I have sworn on the altar of God eternal [hostility] toward every form of tyranny over the minds of men-

                                                                       Thomas Jefferson

Balls, though, is one thing for which the CIA is selected.

As we have commented on a website regarding the reaction of a five-year-old to the assassinations of Lincoln, John and Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr: One cannot get a whole lot done this side of the fear of death.

And for the famed, there are many more who go down in obscurity, as in the U2 song ” In the Name of Love.” “One man come on a barbed wire fence.” Do you see the soldier from WWII dead in the barbed wire fence? Eternal hostility. Every form.

This is what happens when powers given for national security are routinely abused.

What Chemicals are Being Used To Grow Medicinal Marijuana?

Since medicinal Marijuana was legalized in our state, growers are given a limit to the number of plants they are allowed, usually 12. Just like the tobacco industry, the growers then use all sorts of chemicals to maximize profits on a certain number of plants. The product is noticeably tainted, and no one will speak out against the practice. Phosphorus is burning people’s lungs, and this is called “medicinal.” Companies selling an array of chemicals and methods  are making a fortune. These now have an interest in preventing the legalization of growing one’s own organic weed and smoking it.

No one has ever, so far as I know, even tested organic tobacco, so that the whole anti smoking opinion may have grown up by error. For all we know, it is the 714 other chemicals plus the fertilizers that are carcinogenic. At the Hospital, smoking is forbidden like it was the plague, while they pass out Oxy like it was candy. That is the power of popular opinion in a democracy where the people do not study anything other than money-making. Soon studies may show that Marijuana is indeed very harmful.

To connect this blog with the previous two, Marijuana as an antidepressant, compared to the antidepressants used as psychiatric medicine,  is like aspirin compared to Oxy for pain relief. It is not seriously addictive, has no serious side effects, and as a home remedy could replace the harmful antidepressants. Our Psychiatric medicine could of course not think of this, with all their science, because there is no money in it for them.

That is why we have a Constitution, and as we have argued, the law forbidding Marijuana where no commerce is involved is obviously unconstitutional- it is not even a serious question. In order to prohibit the harmful, toxic, addictive alcohol, we had to change our constitution, and the error gave us organized crime whose power has not diminished nearly a century later. One half of all the money from organized drug dealing- and possibly as much as one half the strength of organized crime- may be due to the prohibition of Marijuana. Besides, while not as much of a gateway as Oxy, it does pave the way to the dealers and teaches the disregard for law. Let law obey the Constitution, and people may again revere the law.

Do we not then need an organic reefer movement! Remember Johnny Appleseed? Play Johnny reeferseed, and put an end to this illiberty. Are we free?

Hey Hayden, Do We Believe Torture is Wrong?

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden was on NPR speaking in threatening tones about journalists who use “CIA” and “torture” in the same sentence. I just reblogged a blog that does this, so perhaps that is why we get no search engine traffic (and more people are eating lead and doing prescription drugs than need be). To do so is apparently to accuse the CIA of a felony, which is of course dangerous when one has no power and they control the internet and the economy and just about everything else. We are sure, though that he remembers our president- you know, the boss of the CIA who depends on the agencies for information- saying “It seems we tortured some folks.” He too may be afraid to use torture and CIA in the same sentence.

The truth, though, is that it is George Bush who is responsible for these actions of the CIA, and the question for America is whether we think absolutely anything is just fine for the purpose of national security. While Dianne Feinstein was not convinced, the CIA insists that important information was gained by these things we call torture. argue that while torture- and we will not quibble about dictionary and legal definitions- might even on a rare occasion be effective in the short term, in almost every case, even more information and cooperation can be gained if they just keep the “good cop,” like the Muslim psychologist they started with- and leave the bad cop at home. Perhaps we are naïve. Further, the long term effects and the good of our nation may suggest that we forgo these lesser benefits.

There is an example from a case shown in the movie Mississippi Burning in the Sixties where, in order to get the Klan to reveal who killed the three civil rights workers, the FBI hired the Mob to torture a Klansman. This difficult example is discussed by Salwyn Raab in the book Five Families. This case is difficult in a few ways, but these are the sorts of things we need to think about. The suggestion is that there is almost always a more effective method that is not unjust and yields more benefits, though we admit that this is not always the case. Our example is the case of a kidnapping done by two, where one has one kidnapper who knows where the other kidnapper has a child who is likely being tortured- a rare case that almost never happens. Torture done by our government on Mr. Mochti lacked anything like that standard of certainty, and he sent them on a wild goose chase looking for Black Muslims in Montana. All but Keystone Cops must know that there aren’t any Black Muslims in Montana. But that is apparently what happens when we admit that exceptions are possible at all. We expect more of our government and our executive agencies.

We understand why these people, Hayden and Former Vice President Richard Cheney, are defensive about the issue. Torture is a felony and banned by international law, because if it is not banned, we will become like other nations that use torture for any advantage at all in domestic or foreign policy. After all, any advantage at all could indeed be decisive. But we as a nation must debate under a real First Amendment because that is the way we do things here, and Liberty has not yet been defeated nor given way to tyranny. This is a very difficult question, and we suggest that it is to be decided by the President and not by the unelected military agency of the CIA. How many people do we think it ok to torture for no reason because one just cannot be too sure? Are we willing to see killings that might have been prevented? What of attacks worse than killings? We like to say that even more will be prevented by other, higher and more inventive methods, but what if we are wrong? And how many Americans do we place under a tyranny to secure ourselves against terrorists and traitors? How many of us need to find out, for example, that a particular experience, or perhaps a whole education and a whole love or marriage were orchestrated without warrant or reason, just because one cannot be too sure now-a-days? And by the way, there is no oversight, accountability or meaningful recourse, especially through our intimidated Congress, if one finds themselves one of the nine out of ten that were suspected by paranoid agents who considered them to have no rights an agent is bound to respect? Or perhaps it is one out of one hundred or more. What is the limit to this Machiavellian reasoning?

Again, under our Constitution these questions are not to be decided by unelected agencies. The people and the elected officeholders are responsible, and so the agencies, provided they tell the truth and obey, are partially absolved. It is our responsibility, and these questions are barely  even being asked in the debates. But nearly half the nation is prepared to elect a candidate that does not understand the difference between tyranny and Liberty, especially if tyranny seems more profitable.

P. S. We would double check our spellings of some of the names in this article, but are afraid, for genuine reasons, to use a search engine to do so.

Was Jason Dalton on Antidepressants?

We have had another shooting, this time with six dead in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Will no one report on the influence of psychiatric medicines in these shootings, so that we can consider whether these are causally related? The news agencies do not inquire, and the people are kept uninformed. Perhaps that too calls for investigative journalists to begin to ask some of these rather important questions. Why is there no coverage or reporting on either of these questions?

The Eagles “Last Resort:” Lyric Commentary

   There are some very good interpretations on the website Songmeanings.com, especially about the words Lahaina, by Hawaii, and Malibu, which means paradise. It is also very important that the inspiration came from the death of a particular person who came from Providence Rhode Island, moved to California, and was killed in a drunk driving accident by the president of Pepperdine. This Christian school bans drinking, and subsequently also banned this song, in violation of the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. He, the writer, does not think she came by the Providence of God, but just the Providence in Rhode Island. Providence RI was established by Roger Williams, the founder of the Baptists in America. He is responsible for the teaching of the separation of Church and State by the two clauses of the First Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, as Baptists persuaded Jefferson and Madison that this, the freedom of religion, was possible. That the old world shadows hang in the very old city of Providence is another very nice point. Now, had we followed the teachings of Jefferson, we would not have treated the natives so badly. Jefferson set the laws for the Northwest Territory, here in Michigania, and tried to secure the rights of the native Americans. The natives needed to turn wild property, which they did not own, into deeded property of a smaller extent so that they would have the vote and representation in Congress. The bad stuff really starts with Andy Jackson, who defied the Supreme Court and the ruling of Chief Justice Marshall to commit the national sin of the Trail of Tears, when Christian Cherokee were marched to their deaths on the way to Oklahoma. We need to get this disgrace off the twenty dollar bill. Allow us to suggest replacing him not with a woman to flatter our PC, but with Leopold Pokagon, the only native to successfully oppose Indian removal through the courts, and a truly great American.
The best example of the mistreatment of the natives by the Europeans may be the island where Columbus landed (Santo Domingo), and the enslavement and destruction of the very peaceful tribe there, which one can read about on the website takingthemaskoff, in his discussion of Thanksgiving. But, outside the meaning of the song, we now idealize the natives. While some were very nice, like the Hopi, Nez Perce and Powhattan, some were very savage and cruel, because Indians, as we called them, are humans too, and with our powers, some would have done the same or worse. The Sioux and the Iroquois are very warlike, and would torture at the drop of a hat, or scalp. The Iroquois would tie captives between two saplings and watch them torn slowly in half. And where are the reservations that the Iroquois or Sioux set up for the tribes they conquered? There is not a single example of any accommodation, because that is how uncivilized peoples are. Some, like the Aztecs and Anastasi, practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice, which we ban following Abraham, for the benefit of the whole world, including the natives. All peoples will be ruled mostly by custom, and the Biblical customs are superior, if we would follow them, though we have forgotten the horrors that Abraham and Moses replaced. No one else bans this stuff, so we perhaps need to think twice about “How they loved the land.” Now, the natives, who are very susceptible to alcohol, have casinos and are a part of this sinful American dream, bowling over the natural beauty to corrupt their fellow Americans with gambling. (The Europeans had alcohol for 10,000 years, so that those who were going to kill themselves with it did so, and they built up a genetic tolerance, even before distilled spirits were invented by the Muslim scientists of the 800’s). No one on the website Songmeanings has yet commented on “while the town got high,” which is what the Americans are now doing with their hippie liberty while their nation is destroying itself. We are governed mostly by custom and popular opinion, just as are the Christian free-market-eers. But the song is about these free marketeers: “Jesus is Comin'” on a neon sign, the American way. The song is Apocalyptic. We are failing this, our last resort, and we must change. We sing in Churches about what it is like up there, but we will not make it, but kiss paradise goodbye if we fail this, our last resort. This is called a rape, even worse than our prostitution, selling the higher things and our beauties for profit, because our free market philosophy subjects everything, not just providing for the body, to money-making. Soon it is not just adding value that earns profit, but the power of money, used to destroy the value of competitor’s products and extort money with the power that value creating brings, then used to control the Congress that won’t regulate the markets to assure that these companies do not profit by destroying the common good and individual rights, so that no company willing only to make an honest buck can compete. That is how Oligarchy turns quickly into tyranny, and we are letting this happen, just now. We are supposed to exercise our dominion not to rape or prostitute, but to husband the animals and the land as stewards of the Lord’s Creation (Genesis 1).

   To conclude, we call attention to the commercial Babylon described in the eighteenth chapter of the Revelation, following the account of the ecclesiastic Babylon of Chapter 17. We hope America can avoid being this commercial Babylon, though it does not look hopeful. We also note that all that is required for the events of Revelation to take place, given the politics and political climate in the rest of the world, is the destruction of America. Everything else is nearly now in place.

   The song follows America then from the beginning in Providence to the end in Paradise, and the city so named has since burned in the wild fires. There is no new frontier. We have got to find it here.

mmcdonaldon February 22, 2016   Link

Facebook Blocks the Screen

We just visited the website of Crossing Water, trying to see what they are doing for Flint and trying to get them information about inventions. Facebook blocked half the screen requesting that I either log in or sign up. Then they gradually blocked the whole screen so that I had to leave.

Why do most people flatter Facebook? Does no one see what is wrong with these business practices? Is no one else disgusted with these strong arm power-over the marketplace monopoly tactics? Does not the spirit of our liberty bristle? Do we not even insist that the businesses we deal with care and serve their customers? But Facebook has paid Congress, and the Americans are literally too drugged, base in their concerns or stupid to see the implications, say, of letting Facebook collect photos of our children? Lists of Christians for Al Quaeda? Lists of government employees or people concerned with privacy? People who do not Like Facebook?

Go Distill Some Water On Your Stovetop / SnowWater

What more can I say? With my pot lid, it is possible to distill water on your stovetop, or over a fire if the electricity is out. One needs only a pot that fits, hence we start with a standard size lid. Only Frank Mendez at Waterdistillers.com has an invention that will do this, and his requires ice and two pots. Again, it requires a lot of energy to distill water, or boil dry a pot of water, so this is mainly for small amount and for disaster zones, where there is a lot of broken wood and no electricity.

The only other development to announce is a method of snow collection. I have turned to cotton sheets to collect rainwater, and had thought that to collect fresh snow, a tarp might be laid out before the snow and picked up after. Tarps are not very clean though, otherwise, I would join the four corners of a black tarp, hang it in the sun, and catch water dripping out the center, now the bottom. So if one did this with a cotton sheet, it would be cleaner, and the sheet would work as a filter. I would use black so the sunlight would melt the snow faster, but fear the dye. My luck, white sheets are dyed.

Oxy and the Government Action Paradox

For the second time, the only news from the government efforts to address prescription drug abuse is that genuine pain sufferers cannot get the medicine they need. Our reaction to this is supposed to be to see how harmful it is to limit the prescription drug industry. This is what happens when government tries to do anything. The interests involved make government trip over itself. Do we really not see the likely possibility that this is orchestrated? Right, the first and only thing we can do to keep the prescription drug industry from paving the way to the Heroine dealer for 20% of America’s youth is to limit the prescription of Oxy for genuine severe pain sufferers, so that interviewed they cry out in the media to show us reformers, or rather the people, the error of our ways.