Google Gets Ahead Again

It is hilarious to watch the competing companies fight for control of my computer. WordPress appears differently on each, according to which search engine is used to access the website. Presently, after switching the default search engine to Yahoo, Google has shut down my Yahoo, and has made Microsoft work so slowly as to be useless. As my reader knows, Google prevented me from using Duck Duck Go, and after installing Microsoft Windows 10, I lost all use of the computer a month, until another person figured out that we needed to purchase a new ethereal cable. The other day, I tried to find instructions to insert paper for an Epson printer, and the whole box froze up. We’re like, cool. Check out my next blog, and see if this “stuff” is worth it. Glad we do not have those regulations on companies that inhibit their ability to make money. Bye bye. middle class.

These are of course only our best guess according to how these things appear. My Toshiba computer, which never ceases to advertise Toshiba when we start it up and as a page to accompany every single page, has a hair trigger mouse and key pad, so that one clicks before actually deciding.They make money and gather information from our clicking, so they want us to do this whenever possible. Their profits must increase 2% from this perpetual annoyance. Or is it just me? It also constantly moves the place where I am typing to the cursor, so that I find myself inserting things into the text all over, I type looking at the keys instead of the page. Cool glad someone is making money.

We’ll sent out kiities, fuzzies and kindness some other time. Now, I must get to the blog I intended to write, next. We’ll sue for our time and annoyance later too, when our lawyers are stronger than their lawyers. Bye, Bye, miss middle class.


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