Mexico Policy

As everyone knows, Donald Trup-ette wants to build a wall to solve the immigration problem. The Centrist Libertarian policy on Mexico begins from the idea that if we were being good neighbors, Mexico would be a better place to live, and people would not need to come here to get work, leaving their families, which one knows most do not want to do.

We also need to legalize Marijuana and stop fueling the Mexican organized crime tyrants with our comfortable self preservation plus technology, our addictive drug habits. Mexican crime is mostly our fault, and we need to man up, as a nation, and fix this. Then, with a little honest guest worker program, whalla, the immigration problem goes away. Things like this are why I will beat Tim Walberg for U. S. House of Representatives with no money, solving thew campaign finance problem in deed.

If Trump were to somehow win, next thing ya know Canada would need to build a wall to keep out the American refugees, we who cannot but live in liberty, but know that violent revolution would only lead to a worse tyranny. We have no Washington to lead such an armed defense of liberty, but only a biunch of Gun advocates who thing the only amendment in the Bill of Rights is the Second Amendment, and have not read the Bill of Rights anyway.


5 thoughts on “Mexico Policy

    • I am trying to ignore it by writing on snow water and communism. Next I will go to the shed and write on psychology and Plato in the middle of the night. But that is why I have to run for congress, only now I no longer hope I lose.

    • Say Jacqueline, does Annette know of Takingthemaskoff, the best psych discussion webpage of all? He is a former patient and psych RN with great stories, and he lost his friend Joe, so we have a discussion page there about it. Annette would like this, if I did not think to send her there all ready. Were gonna get her a big tip when we make money off the Love, Peace and Peace-Love Buttons Facebook is usingn or will soon use, that we invented. We were joking about the Love Button like triple right click the Like button or have a heart logo, on Facebook, then whala, they started doing in the UK the other day! It was on my Inventions page over a year ago, but they seem not to have noticwed till me and Annette were talking about it on their system- wonder of wonders! Happy Sunday!

      P. S does anyone collect water by setting a plastic tarp a few inches above even the sand, with a rock in the center of the tarp and a can under it?-MM

      • 🙂 Your comments make me laugh. I am not sure she does and he hardly publishes on WordPress anymore, mostly Facebook. I will ask her though. The button thing, between you and I, I think all we do is being read by them ….

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