Snow Water In March: What is Wrong With Flint?

Tonight, the snow water is pure and crystalline, whereas the other day, when the flakes were huge and wet, the slushy snow seemed a bit dirty. I worried that the sky was dirty. I do not use more than a coffee filter, but if I could afford a sand and charcoal filter, I would use one. The same goes for testing, but it looks quite clear. The volume of snow to water is about one to ten, so that one is surprised how much snow it takes to make a glass of water. We sure hope the people in Flint have thought of this, since my search engine traffic is blocked.

Tonight I worked a bit on my wood stove designed to also distill water, considering different ways that this could be designed to be cleanable. The place where the dirtier water is boiled will gather the impurities, so the distiller has to be attachable and detachable. Of course, the stove top distiller would also work for a wood stove. In the winter, water can be distilled for zero energy dollars.

These things are going to become very marketable soon, as we discover the looming problems with our water everywhere.


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