Hey Donney, How ’bout “Make America Good Again?

Donney wants to make America “Great” again (Do you see Toney the Tiger), while Hillary wants to make America “Whole” again. Because Mr. Trump has never studied anything, and does not know what these word mean, he is making fun of her and blustering up his Bluster. When Henry Ford thought he was the dude to be president, because he had a HUGE company and a bully, someone called him an “Idiot,” and Henry sued the guy for slander. During the trial, they asked old skinny Henry some eighth grade level questions about the Revolutionary war and the War of 1812, which had happened just a century before him, about as far from him as he is from us. He did not have a clue, cause he had spent his whole life in practical reason in the service of these goals: making money and cultivating his “relationships’ to those like those related to his bully. He was also a great inventor, and almost single handed-ly devised the assembly line, a brilliant way of leverage on the ways of production which astronomically increases the value of the product of a single man’s labor. But, like those craftsmen questioned by Socrates in Plato’s Apology, this brilliance led him to think quite highly of himself as though, without ever caring or studying, he had attained the sufficiency of political wisdom. When old skinny Henry did not have a clue about the meaning of America or the simplest facts of History, the case was dismissed, meaning that he  failed to prove that he was not an idiot.

So Donney does not even know the meaning of “wholeness,” or he would maybe be arguing for excellence, or “perfection.” It would indeed be quite nice, make us better and greater and stronger, if we would cure the deep divisions in our nation and follow Barack, setting aside partisan differences because America does come “First,” and the parties just, or ust-a just, have two different visions of what is needed for the common good. America is suffering from deep and grave injustice, and it is this that truely makes us weaker. We have our seven or so Centrist issues which we blog about all the time, and Bernie and Barack are mostly the only ones talking about these, until the voters start to wise up and the many become politically un-opposable Some issues are decided this way in American politics, like when Wild Bill Clinton had to say “end welfare as we know it,” or The Republican Free-Market-eers had to acquiesce in Social Security.

Anyway, Hillary is by far the more substantial, and wins this point in the debate, showing herself wiser than Donald Trump-ette. But Donney depends on his rather thoughtless constituency not noticing that he does not know what he is talking about, because they have never cared to study at all what America is about. If they had, Ben Carson would not be disappearing from the race to prepare to take his seat in the Senate, where he perhaps does belong for a couple years yet. But Donney needs to go back to theater and selling used cars. America is not a used car, if it is a bit of a priceless antique.


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