NPR: No Question Yet on Antidepressants and Public Shootings

Yesterday, I used the last of my Obamaphone phone minutes to call NPR in the Newsroom to ask why the media is not yet even reporting the question of the possible link between antidepressants and public shootings.

I told them this time I wanted an answer, because everyone knows that in a week or so, I’ll have another blog like “Was Jason Dalton,” or “Cedric Ford” “on Antidepressants,” just with a different name. I’m sure they’ll get back with me to tell me why they are not even reporting the question. The office of the Lieutenant Governor explained that it is due to our grave concern for privacy that this question cannot even be raised in the media or answered publicly of even inquired into in any way. They too, or their PR firm, has yet to get back with me, probably because so many of their staff are busily looking into it, like they were the cause of the Flint water crisis. Do not fear, America, your privacy is being secured!

I told them I suspect that someone is making an awful lot of money on anti-depressants.

My friend, a pretty rich businessman who does not care about inventions, has said “we do not need to make money that way.”


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