The Prophecy of the Millstone: Sex Abuse by Priests

…Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, but whoever causes one of those little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

                                                                 Jesus, Matthew 18:5-7

We call this the prophecy of the millstone, relating it to what is seen regarding the fall of Babylon in Revelation 18:21 and following. While it is often necessary to tell people it is not their fault, in another sense, a part of the horror of sexual abuse is that it causes the victim to sin, and disturbs the soul in ways deeply difficult and yet unknown. Our sexual function imprints deeply on our souls. Children are paralyzed, and for adolescents, their bodily motions occur apart from volition. It is the same principle here as in the saying of Paul, whoever goes to a prostitute “becomes one flesh with her.” The human soul cannot but be attached by the bodily function. We, contemporaries, do not believe or understand these mysteries, called “sexmagic” by some, and so think promiscuity does not disintegrate or harm us. We would sooner listen to Konrad Lorenz about the imprinting of Ducks. The human is as if deeply imprinted- likely related to the fundamental attachments of our political nature. The religious and social confusion resulting from molestation by one dressed as a priest has been simply decisive for many. The overwhelming shame that then pervades the rest of their lives can cause a split in the personality, as they can only admit the event to themselves part of the time if at all, and become very confused due to the natural political psychological function which imagines ourselves in a public eye.

On NPR today, a guest on Stateside, David Clossey of S.N.A.P. was discussing the bizarre inaction of the Roman Church regarding child sex abuse. No Catholic has yet been defrocked or demoted, though there have been a couple of resignations in the U.S., and 3 who concealed abuse were gotten rid of. What the discussion did not seem to take into account is the effect of the Catholic Oath-taking on this inaction. According to Mr. Clossey, Pope Francis has been even more adept at public relations than his predecessor, words of kindness and such. Everyone under him is bound by the oath from disobedience. Jesus, of course, has taught us “do not swear at all (Matthew 5:34),” but these think their keys and their “whatever you bind” business takes precedence here. (Soon perhaps the Catholics will be into bondage). We are surely now prepared to believe them about the purpose of this oath, to prevent that horrid and disreputable movement in the church to receive people regardless of who they love, and take the opportunity to teach Plato’s purified “Platonic love”- the very reason the church could not read Plato for, oh, about two millennium. No one can explain why the priests overwhelmingly abuse male children, and the public blames the teaching of celibacy. The Greek Orthodox Church has two different levels of priest, the higher celibate and the lesser married. But this is not the cause. The cause is that men who needed a cloak for their unconventional lifestyles used the church to hide inside, and then like the Navy, too, they were in a convenient position, out to sea with a bunch of semen. Not that this explains pedophilia, because it also has to do with the heart getting stuck at the age to which the predator is attracted. People’s sexual stimulation follows their romantic attraction, and molestation can stick the attraction at a certain age, perpetuating cycles of abuse, even for a millennium, before some courageous soul figures it out and escapes.

The modern world has rejected the teachings of the purity of the appetites as though the guilt inflicted were the cause of “repression,” and therefor the discontents of being civilized. This entire teaching does not take into account the depth of sin. Freud was a decent fellow, though he was doin’ his wife’s sister. He simply did not consider the depth of sin, the sodomy and gamory (!) that the human soul can be possessed by if everyone is told and allowed to “do what one feels.” He could have easily discovered the pervasive circumstance which Rousseau relates in his confessions, and which led Rousseau to leave the church, set the principles that would be taken into Germany to develop into German philosophy, and, well, the rest is history. Read me back a couple blogs. Congratulations, Rome. You have enrobed Tiberius and his swimming pool.

I am myself Half Catholic. The last time I went to mass, an agent who was an old woman stuck her hand in my pocket to check for a gun. I looked up amazed, quickly realized she was an agent and not a pickpocket, and nodded that such violation was just fine, because of the purpose. Then I went to mass, and when it came time for the bread and wine, a strange parishioner walked up, out of line, drank all the wine, a whole bunch, (like one would never do that,) and the person dispensing the wine turned back to the altar as though to get a refill, leaving me standing there. So I just continued on my rout, and kept right on a-prayin’. They must have heard that I had refused to swear the Oath at St. Mary’s of Orchard Lake, and did not re-apply for my adjunct teaching position, but rather tried to have a discussion about oath-taking with the college and the Bishop.

   …But if that wicked servant says to himself “my master is delayed,” and begins to beat his fellow servants, and eats and drinks with the drunken, the master of that servant will come on a day when he does not expect him, and at an hour he does not know, and will punish him, and put him with the hypocrites; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.

                                                                                              Matthew 24: 48-51

The fact is that Jesus did not teach the authority of the church in the way that Rome believes. Otherwise the following sentence would be impossible, due to keys and the necessity of the Holy Spirit to follow human convention, as if controlled by a human’s magic spell: to the Ephesian Church, the risen Jesus says through St. John:

Remember then from what you have fallen, repent, and do the work you did at first. If not, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place, unless you repent.

                                                                                      Revelation 2:5

If you do not know what a lampstand is, Jesus explained this to John at 1:20

This decisively refutes the Roman understanding of the authority of the Pope. How to wriggle out of that one? Perhaps the seven churches, five of which are blamed by Jesus, were under John out East there, rather than under the successors of Peter over where Domitian wore that hat, if there were any Christians left alive in Rome thirty years after Peter and Paul were killed. The Christians had fled, some perhaps to Glastonbury all the way in Britain, on the fringes of the Roman world.

Indeed, Interpretation, I cannot spell well.

…and in one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church…

  But that it the only line of the Credo I must interpret in order to say.

6 thoughts on “The Prophecy of the Millstone: Sex Abuse by Priests

  1. The Vatican is an abomination and the worshiping of statues is ridiculous. Also a half Catholic it is a bit in me too but in truth i can’t stomach it for too long before getting nauseous at the immense wealth of the Vatican. And the ridiculous Sovereign Military Order of Malta & the Order of the Holy Sepulcher are such deplorable ornaments for what were once 2 very noble Orders of the church. After success of the 1st crusade & capture of Jerusalem they wanted to establish a Christian King & Godfrey of Boulougne who was Count of Namur & Duke of Lorraine was offered the job but refused to be a King in the land where Christ was crucified. He instead agreed to be Guardian and Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher. It was out of this nobility of spirit that gave birth to both the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher as well as the Order of the Knights of the Temple. Justice is due to come down on the church and the Knights of the Temple were persecuted for a simple truth that would remove power from the church and that was that the Temple is within. Not in a building or on an alter. They used their military might to secure trade routes to transport riches & relics from the East & when the crusades & Jerusalem became a lost cause, they swept away the army but not the priests, & non fighting members of the Order. Most of the knights would only kill when it meant saving lives. These things don’t get discussed much because everyone is so focused on lost treasure but the real treasure was the great spirit of the Order that promoted spiritual introspection, defense of people and love. Together with their brethren Order of St. John’s they secured pilgrim routes & built hospitals to care for the sick. They also brought back much wisdom and knowledge from the East. The Order was extinguished but their spirit lives on in those who remember what they really stood for!

    It is not the treasure, nor the fancy postulations of the church in keeping the Knights of Malta as a shadow remembrance of Rhodes nor the Order of the Holy Sepulcher that still has honorific Commanders is such crap and truly a disgrace. The seven churches i believe is what John’s vision in Rev. condemn…

    • …Two are not blamed, two are not praised, and 4 are both praised and blamed? That’s close, anyway. But think of it: Once we identify salvation with a man-made order, all an evil one would have to do is wrap himself in the cloak of that, and the humans- in Plato’s cave- would not know the difference! They’d claw themselves to bits over it! The murder of deMolay is, like, not ok. Something went terribly wrong in the medieval Christian orders, related to empire and the statue in Daniel. Yet surprisingly, the table, sacraments and service make it through: “Do this in memory of me.”

    • “Penance, Penance Penance!” We repent for the nation and for the Church. Lucy at age 11 could not imagine it is the Church that must repent. John Paul II is the first Pope to repent for the Church, which previously thought of itself as divine without trying. Albagensians are what, murderers of souls if they hold one though amiss on things humans do not have knowledge of anyway? Strauss says of Socrates: “He would seem to be excused by the difficulty of the subject matter!

    • The seven churches of Asia looked to John as elder, presbetyr, like Bishop. They do not look to Rome, in about 92 A.D., nor is the church infallible. Rather, if it is not good, its lamstand will be removed, as with the dimming Papacy- not to mention the East.

    • But5 we tell Shkunarr, the Pope is not worshiping the statues, and thinks alot about the humanity of Mary. We don’t accuse the Muslims of worshiping that rock, eh? Looks pretty slavish though on the outside to a foreigner. But they bow to the God of Abraham, God Most High, the same as the Father of Jesus.

    • We say: “What good is a Church that cannot repent? But the Bride of 19:7 and 22 includes both men and angels, and her garment is the righteous deeds of the Saints- a glimpse of what She Is.

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